Amazon Price Tracker: Can You Use It In Chrome?

An informed Amazon buyer or seller is aware that tracking Amazon prices is crucial to finding a good deal. On the largest online store site in the world, prices are always changing.

Utilize an Amazon Price Tracker for chrome to set up customized alerts for particular product pages rather than subscribing to general email lists to receive notifications when a product’s price changes.

What Factors Cause Amazon Prices to Change?

Understanding the elements influencing price changes is essential before discussing how to track pricing on Amazon.

Here are a few factors that could cause a product’s price to fluctuate throughout the year:

– Demand

People will be increasingly willing to spend more for a product as it gains popularity. As demand rises, sellers take note of this and raise their prices.

– Competition

There is intense pressure to have the lowest price when several sellers are vying for the buy box. As a result, vendors may reduce their asking price to obtain the buy box and increase sales.

– Supply

Like everything else, the cost increases as a product becomes more distinctive. Prices on Amazon are likely to rise if stock levels are already low and further demand is predicted, provided that doing so won’t restrict the purchases of a particular customer category.

– Period

Some products sell more successfully at particular seasons of the year. For instance, summer is the best season for selling sunglasses, whereas January is the best for snow removal products. When a product is in high demand, sellers will charge more for it, and when sales are slow, they will charge less.

These are only a handful of the causes behind price fluctuations. It’s crucial to keep a close eye on the pricing of your products because they frequently change, sometimes even every day.

How Does a Price Tracker Work on Chrome?

You can view a variety of in-depth data about any product sold on Amazon’s website with the price tracking Add-on, a Google Chrome extension.

A price tracker is a tool that routinely pulls changes to product prices from eCommerce websites.

In addition to the basic web scraping function, price tracking can also incorporate additional features like the ability to send email alerts when a specified threshold is reached for product price reductions.

Price tracking has a plethora of advantages. You might, for instance, be able to get a wanted item at the lowest price. The justifications for a business to monitor its rivals’ prices would be more compelling.

For instance, seeing when a rival is having a deal on the same product or pricing your services to generate the most profit margins. You could change pricing to the perfect degree if you used price tracking.

4 Best Amazon Price Trackers for Chrome

You should be careful when deciding where to put your money because there are so many price tracker applications currently available.

1. Keepa

One of the most well-liked tools for tracking Amazon price changes is Keepa. The best thing about Keepa is how many incredible features are listed right away beneath the Amazon product listing. A detailed interactive graph with several variables is available to you. You can add more variables by heading to the options tab right there if the chart isn’t already too overwhelming.

2. Honey

One of the most well-known and praised shopping extensions available is Honey. The Honey browser add-on automatically locates and uses the top discounts during checkout. This frees shoppers from having to search far and wide for discount codes, allowing them to concentrate on selecting the perfect products.

3. CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel is one of the frequently used programs for monitoring pricing changes on Amazon. If you want to use the price tracking functionality of this software merely, it is free. You can also use the email integration to sign up for email notifications whenever the price of an item or listing you are watching changes.

Price history charts are included in this price-tracking app. This specific feature gives merchants a summary of how the product price changed over time. This provides retailers and customers with a forecast of the pricing.

4. Sugar

You may always configure price tracking for particular products using Sugar’s price tracking feature. With previous data on price changes for the selected product, the software automates price tracking.

Some Amazon sellers find the app the perfect seller tool for price drop tracking because it will alert users when a price decrease is discovered in the market. It has an intuitive user interface; thus, learning curves for new users are minimal.


Price tracking software makes it much simpler to make appropriate judgments for the future success of your buy as a seller and your business as a seller since you have all the pertinent pricing information at your fingertips.

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