An Affair Called Marriage: The Virginian Way

Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on Earth.

This has been a very common statement that we have often heard. Whether it is a matter that is predestined or situational during our stay on Earth, it indeed is an episode in life that makes a mark on our future journey.

A loose structural marriage norm often causes internal conflict and would act as a hindrance to creating a stable society. Thus societies all over the world adopted some guidelines to prescribe a proper marriage law.

In some countries, marriages are legal. It means that any marriage to be termed as rightful must have the papers signed by the candidates legitimately.

What is Common Law Marriage?

A common law marriage is a marriage that is considered valid by both partners but is not formally recorded with a state or religious registry. It is also known as informal marriage or non-ceremonial marriage.

The Basic Norms of Common Law Marriages

You must live together (duration varies by State).

You both must have the legal right to marry.

Both partners must be 18 years old (varies by State).

Both must intend to marry with a sound mind.

They must not be married to someone else.

Common-Law Marriage and the Virginian Way

Nowadays, live-in relationships have become quite common. Partners in a live-in are considered as common-law partners. This seems to be a mature take on the concept of marriage. This has been quite popular in countries like China, the US, France, etc., and probably has become the choice of this generation.

Over the years, many states have sooner or later gotten rid of common law marriage laws. In Virginia, you have to physically and purposefully get married to be considered married for all related marital purposes, rights, and advantages, including divorce. So when it comes to common law marriage in VA, you should rethink before opting for that option.

However, if a couple has been recognized as having a common-law marriage in another state, then they will be considered a married couple in Virginia.

If you don’t have a legal and ceremonial marriage and you’re staying with someone, then you’re single in the eyes of the law. You won’t be able to get the tax benefits of marriage or demand anything during a divorce.

Marriage norms in VA

  • Live- is not an endorsement of marital status
  • Marriage is traditional and clothed by law
  • Successful marriage shelters in legal confidence
  • Tradition and law hold the thread of marriage

The enforcement of a legal document enhances the stability of marriage and also provides a firm foothold. In Virginia, a valid married license is a must at the time of the ceremony, and the license remains valid for 60 days from the date of its issue.

People have been accepting common-law marriages in the United States since 1877, and it is still there in a few states. However, marriage law and the common law marriage in VA scenarios are different from other states but they accept common-law couples from another state with open arms.

As long as a couple is willing to live together as husband and wife, the question of the legality of their marriage is not likely to arise. But, when it comes to inheritance pension plans, or even social security, Virginian marriage laws safeguard the rights.

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