An Ultimate Guide to Snowboarding for Beginners

Starting out a new sport can be a bit overwhelming because we rarely know where to start. And snowboarding is one of those sports that definitely fall into that category. Most people are overwhelmed with the sheer volume of questions. What do I need to practice? What equipment am I going to need? Am I doing this right? Am I doing that right? And, in these cases, a quick beginner’s guide is what we look to for guidance. That’s exactly what this is.

An Ultimate Guide to Snowboarding for Beginners

1- Plan Your Days

To achieve remarkable progress, you need to plan your day at the slopes. You can’t just go and improvise a plan there. Before you go, sit yourself down and try to decide on what you want to learn the most. Aerial tricks? Maybe grinding? Or do you prefer good ol’ cruising around to master control? If you believe that any of the skills you want to develop might require an instructor, feel free to plan for that beforehand, as well. That way, when you get to the slopes, you’ll be ready to get on with your learning without wasting so much time standing around and doing nothing.


2- Pick the Right Gear

Every sport requires its players to wear their proper gear, and snowboarding is no different. While snowboarding, it is essential that you wear clothes that keep you warm and shield you from the cold. Because the last thing you need is hypothermia, make sure you get a jacket, specialized snowboard pants, a ski mask, goggles, and thick socks. Needless to say, make sure all that you’ll be wearing is long-sleeved. When you’re practicing the sport at first, you’re going to take a few falls, it’s a guarantee. That’s why the right gear is essential as it will keep you warm as you come in contact with the snow.

As for the equipment that will actually affect your performance, you’ve got your snowboard and boots. When picking out a boot, you must make sure that it fits perfectly. Why? Because if your feet are moving inside your boots, you won’t have as strong of a grip on your board. Control is everything. As for your snowboard, you need to focus on choosing the right length, width, and shape. The thing is that there are boards designed specifically for experts while others suit beginners, so you’ve got to do some research before picking out aboard.


3- Getting Used to The Board

If it’s your first time riding, you’re definitely going to need to get used to the feel of the board and the straps around your foot. Experts believe that to become a good snowboarder, you need to become one with your board, and that takes time. Whether you want to do this next part at home or on the slopes, it is completely up to you. But, don’t neglect it. You’ll be surprised at how much it’ll improve your riding skills.

Get your board and stand with your lead leg (the leg that you’re most comfortable putting forward on the board). Then, strap that foot to the board and walk around for a bit. Use this time to adjust the tightness of the straps. You’re going to want it to be tight enough for you to control the board, but not too tight that it cripples your movement.

4- Learning to Turn

Turning is a critical part that you need to learn within the first couple of times, you board. First off, you might find it hard to make those sharp turns, but don’t give yourself a hard time. Focus on getting the hang of the simple turns. Remember, it is all about weight distribution.

While you can turn with both your backside or your frontside, it is easier to lean back so, we recommend you try that one first. Try pushing down with your heels, then gradually apply more weight backward while focusing on your heels. To turn with your frontside, repeat the same drill, but with your toes instead of your heels. It’s as simple as that. 

Turning is a critical part that you need to learn within the first couple of times, you board. First off, you might find it hard to make those sharp turns, but don’t give yourself a hard time

As we approach the end of this article, we’ve got to congratulate you on choosing to snowboard. It’s a fun activity and an amazingly healthy sport. Not to mention, there’s nothing better than drinking a cup of hot cocoa right after a long day of shredding in the snow. However, we’ve got to warn you that this is the kind of game that requires devotion, so make sure you’ve got the right support system to keep you motivated. It’s the best way to keep your spirit up after taking a fall or two. With that being said, we wish you good luck on your adventures. Don’t forget to have fun.

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