Andrey Berezin’s Euroinvest Sets Ambitious Goals in Improvement of Education

Euroinvest holding is known first for its development business; the company has built many prominent residential projects, mainly in the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg. Among them, there are famous apartment centers in Kudrovo and Murino.

However, in recent years Euroinvest has been shifting the focus of its interests to other sectors. And its last steps made experts talk about the holding’s full-fledged entry into the educational market.

A Lyceum with a Claim to Leadership

The initiative to build a full-fledged educational institution in the northern capital by Euroinvest was the loudest and most deservedly sounding. Andrey Berezin announced that he intends to strengthen the academic base of St. Petersburg with the governor’s lyceum with a boarding school system. And in stating such a thing, Berezin clearly referred to personal experience since, at one time, he had studied at one of the three schools oriented to working with gifted children.

Words were followed by actions. It became known that the company had already found land for the future lyceum, and this is a solid piece of land in the Kaselevo neighborhood near Bolshoye Lake. The construction plans are ambitious; schoolchildren will have several academic and residential buildings, art studios and research laboratories, a sports center with a swimming pool, and even its own pier with a beach. But most importantly, the founders are already declaring that they know who will teach at the institution.

“We have a teaching staff from the former 45th boarding school, and that’s the most important thing. A location has already been selected, and agreements in principle have been reached. It’s moving slower than we’d like, but it’s moving. We`ll pay for the project and support the team of teachers who will work there when the school is ready,” – this is how Andrey Berezin said in his interview with one of St. Petersburg`s online newspapers in August.

Experts say that such steps are more than needed now.

On the one hand, the events of recent months have severed many international ties in education that had been active in recent years, and their loss must be compensated.

On the other hand, the world has begun redrawing the traditional distribution of educational centers around the planet. Next to schools and universities that have been considered leaders for centuries (whether Harvard, Cambridge, or the French Sorbonne), new institutions have grown up in a matter of years, quite capable of competing with them in at least some areas.

While it is unlikely to reach the Ivy League level, it is possible to create a credible alternative to the growing education industry of other countries such as China and South Korea, especially Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. And the initiative of Euroinvest and its leader is quite capable of contributing significantly to this local but essential victory for our country.

World Education Index rankings in 2020 United Nations Development Programme
3Great Britain0.928
6New Zealand0.926
25South Korea0.865
46The United Arab Emirates0.802

To Prepare Both Staff and Jobs for Them

The fact that Andrey Berezin’s holding entered the educational market not “out of the blue” adds optimism to the estimates, on the contrary, this step was preceded by some preparatory measures.

To begin with, Euroinvest deployed a vast network of support for third-party projects in the industry. Among the recipients were the Leonhard Euler International Charitable Foundation for the Support of Mathematics, the Formula One / Third Millennium International Olympiad, and the Prometheus Star Competition, organized under the auspices of the St. Petersburg World Competition. These very different undertakings have a common goal to help young talents, and Euroinvest helped to achieve it.

Later the company expanded its activity in this direction by launching its own scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students. It was named after the legendary Soviet cosmonaut Georgiy Grechko. 

The holding actively began to introduce an educational component into its construction activities as well. For example, just recently, it became known that in Kudrovo, Euroinvest intends to operate a kindergarten for 200 children ahead of schedule. The company’s project to introduce health-saving technologies in one of Gatchina’s gymnasiums has also been successful.

But the main thing is that the company is ready to provide its present and future beneficiaries not only with financial support but also with its own production facilities. More so, proceeding from the same logic of human capital development, Euroinvest every year expands its presence in the market of high-tech and innovative industry.

Yes, this may surprise those who are used to considering Berezin’s company primarily as a developer, but it has really outgrown this status a long time ago. Clearly striving to hold its position in the rapidly changing world, Euroinvest assembled a whole industrial cluster in a short period of time.

It consists of such well-known St. Petersburg enterprises as Svetlana, Rigel, and Recond. They produce different products, but in one way or another, the specifics of each plant are related to the radio-electronic industry. And it is in this area that the holding is now taking its first steps in terms of innovative developments.

Early Successes and Future Prospects

Early Successes and Future Prospects

You don’t have to go far for examples of the results already achieved. Back in 2020, the company made a noise when it presented a robotic device for the treatment of cancer diseases, mainly lung tumors. The main advantage of the development is that it can be used intraoperatively to apply X-rays to diseased tissues. This approach allows doctors to act pinpoint and achieve unprecedented efficiency. Considering that the project was presented to no less than the head of the Russian Ministry of Health, Veronika Skvortsova, who gave the development the “green light”, the start of Euroinvest was a real success.

It should be noted that the device was almost entirely developed and created at the Svetlana plant, and the team working on it involved both medics and scientists from major research institutes. This, as it is noted, created the basis for the first successes. However, no less important should be considered the participation in the project of the Euro Ventur Foundation, a special structure established by Andrey Berezin’s holding to support projects in the field of industry and innovations. The fund not only financed the development but also acted as a coordinator of many works.

Now, thanks to the joint efforts, the medical robot is going through the last procedures before it is put into mass production. The market for it is expected to be serious, mainly in the countries already mentioned, such as China, Turkey, UAE, or Southeast Asian states.

But this is not the only list of developments under the auspices of the holding. Other X-ray tube-based devices are of equal industry interest. Some of them are also designed for healthcare, such as a device for rapid diagnosis of breast tumors. Others are designed for use in the agricultural sector, including a system for checking seeds for infections and parasites.

And Euroinvest’s portfolio of innovations also includes technical solutions based on other physical principles. One of them is a device for measuring ice thickness. It uses ultra-short-pulse radiolocation sensors developed by the same Svetlana company. The device already has potential customers, including Russian oil companies that expect to include it in the equipment of their own unmanned aerial vehicles.

The unit for heating and repairing asphalt road pavements has serious potential for the development of road construction. Due to the fact that it uses microwave radiation, the unit is able to heat the entire pavement through, unlike other counterparts that heat only the surface layers. This, as expected, can increase both the speed and quality of repair work on the roads. And not only in Russia, but also abroad.

In general, the listed examples show the thoroughness of the approach to the development of the industrial sector, implemented by the structures of Euroinvest.

Innovations in Both the Agricultural Sector and Housing Construction

It is worth adding to the above and the results of the holding’s work in the agricultural sector, despite its somewhat smaller scale, they also add optimism to expectations. In just a few years Euroinvest was able to create and ensure the sustainable development of its own agricultural cluster in the Pskov region.

Today the farm under the common name Krasnoye Znamya includes not only the area under crops but also its own milking herd and a line of dairy products with its own label MoleMe. This year, Euroinvest strengthened the potential of its agricultural production by acquiring the capacity of a neighboring farm. This allowed the farm to expand its fleet of agricultural machinery and cowsheds. Even under the difficult economic circumstances which have emerged in recent months, the management of the holding demonstrates cautious optimism in assessing the prospects of its work in the agricultural sector.

“In the future, we will be more actively engaged in the agricultural project. It is already clear that there will be trouble with food in the world. And even in this zone of risky agriculture, which includes our land in the Pskov region, we need to develop agriculture. In a sense this is a social project,” Andrey Berezin emphasized in his interview this summer.

Moreover, even in the development business, in which Euroinvest has long been the main backbone of its economic activity, the company is more and more actively introducing innovative elements. And it gets tangible results from this, including in the form of recognition by the professional community. For example, this year Euroinvest-Development was recognized as the most client-oriented developer in the region in a contest held by the Union of Building Associations of the Leningrad region.

The main peculiarity that allowed the company to achieve this status is the 3iD ideology that is being implemented in construction. It is a combination of several innovative approaches. One of them is the application of the “smart home” technology, including a personal office for the tenants of the complexes, built by Euroinvest. The second even more significant is the focus on creating public spaces and in general on providing such a quality of life that allows the buyers to spend more time outside their own apartments, communicating with other people, and gaining new knowledge and skills.

Each apartment buyer has access to an extensive network of events; workshops, lectures, and TED sessions, both online and live. And in addition an extensive set of discounts on household services and consumer goods from partner organizations.

All of this unequivocally shows: Euroinvest sees investing in the development of human capital as not just an image exercise, but literally the foundation of all economic activity. Andrey Berezin emphasizes this directly in the public sphere saying that in the current circumstances only advanced development of the modern knowledge economy is able to help the whole country to hold the existing positions, and in the future become a leader in many areas. There is no doubt that the company is able to become one of the leading driving forces in this process, at least at the level of the Northwestern Federal District.

Company History

Investment company Euroinvest is a diversified holding company, the structure of which includes companies and projects from different sectors of the economy.

One of the directions of Euroinvest work is legal and engineering support for the development of land plots and territories in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad region, and other regions.

At the end of 2017 Euroinvest Group created its own construction division Euroinvest Development, which is engaged in the construction of housing and other objects, thus forming a full cycle development business.

A relatively new direction for Euroinvest is the agro-industrial sector. Agrocluster Krasnoye Znamya in the Pskov region specializes in the production of grain and fodder for livestock.

In May 2017, the management of the Euroinvest investment company established the Euro Venture fund with an initial amount of €10M. Priority areas for investment are innovative developments in the scientific and technical sphere, as well as projects in the creative industry.


Andrey Berezin was born in 1967 in Leningrad. In 1990 he graduated with honors from Leningrad Ustinov Mechanical Institute. In 1990 he graduated from Leningrad Ustinov Mechanical Institute, where he majored in automatic control systems engineering. During his studies, he was Lenin’s and Ustinov’s scholar and had scientific publications. In 1990 he enrolled in a post-graduate course at LMI and started a parallel business.

In 1993 he took part in creating the North-West Fisheries Company. In 1995, together with Yuri Vasiliev, he created the investment company Euroinvest, and since then he has been chairman of its board.

In 2017, Andrey Berezin was awarded a certificate of merit from the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade for his great contribution to the development of the Russian industry and many years of diligent work.


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