Apartment Buying Checklist

If you are planning on getting an apartment, you want to make sure that you get what will be useful and comfortable. Many buildings have apartments that you may take a look at but this will usually take time and without knowing what apartments could and should have to fit your needs, this can take some time.

There are certain things to look out for when you are going to purchase an apartment which can be vital to living there. Here are some things you should take note of when buying an apartment.

1- Early Research

It is important to do the necessary research not only when looking for an apartment but also to check on the apartment you plan on buying. Search online and ask about the apartment and its building along with the area that it is in. These will give you an idea of the apartment and from there on if you think it might be worth taking a look at, then that would be when you start to make contact and head over.

2- Location of Apartment

Be sure that the building is in a location that you will be comfortable with. Having access to several places will be a bonus if you choose the right apartment. You may want to look out for places that are nice to go to and are near the building such as malls, restaurants, cafes, shops, and more. Staying in an apartment far from these may be a hassle at certain times so it’s best to have a good distance between places.

3- Cost and Fees

The prices matter when it comes to buying an apartment and you need to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Compare the prices of different apartments and buildings to be able to find a reasonable price that suits you. Whether you will be loaning to buy an apartment or paying in full, it’s wise to get a price that is worth the apartment. A buyer’s advocate can help negotiate a fair price for the apartment purchase if you don’t feel comfortable doing this.

Apartments will come with fees for maintenance and other services within the building which may vary depending on what facilities there are. A building with facilities such as pools, gyms, and other shared places or services will add to the costs that you will be paying every year.

4- Apartment Layout

Check the apartment and make sure the living space will suit your needs since you need to be comfortable in your apartment. Check how it’s built and if it is in good condition before you go on with deciding you want the apartment. Look around for any inconveniences in the apartment such as damaged rooms, broken or rusty pipes, molds, and such. Be sure to take a look around the apartment if you plan on purchasing it and if necessary, have it inspected to make sure there are no problems.

5- Building Facilities

If you are looking for a building with facilities to add to your entertainment or convenience, you can check what they have as you might want to have access to swimming pools, gyms, parking spaces, and more. Some apartments are in buildings that provide these to the occupiers and make them exclusive to them and the people they are with.

6- Security and Safety

Check the apartments for safety measures such as sprinklers and fire exits because, if an emergency occurs, you would need all the safety you can get. Check on how the doors are locked and if you will be safe from intrusions or break-ins. Check if the building has CCTV or guards to make sure that in case there are problems or clarifications due to unexpected circumstances, you will be satisfied to know that help will be there.

7- Building Regulations

Most occupiers will need to be cooperative when there are certain rules for the building such as the operating hours of pools, and gyms and the strictness when it comes to parking. Pets may not be allowed and there could be rules about noise. Make sure that these all apply to what you are suited to as you don’t want to end up following a rule you are uncomfortable with and you want to make sure that you won’t be in any kind of discomfort.

8- Knowing Your Neighbours

If the rules are a bit laid back or there are other apartments near the one you plan on purchasing, you might want to take a look around to see who your neighbors will be, especially if their behavior can affect your lifestyle. A common problem with some buildings is that some neighbors may be loud or unruly so it’s best that you pick the apartment where you don’t end up being annoyed regularly.

9- Garbage Disposal

When it comes to getting rid of the waste you want to ask about how it is handled such as if the building has garbage chutes, if there will be someone regularly collecting them, or if you will be required to bring your trash to a certain area. Trash build-up can be an issue in apartments and you want to make sure that it is easily handled to maintain a clean indoor environment.

10- Checking Occupancies

Ask if the other apartments that are near yours are purchased or just for rent as this may have a big impact on you living at your apartment. This is because there is a tendency for those who rent only only stay for a while which means that there is a high chance there might be some unruliness or situations that may cause discomfort such as people who end up being too noisy, don’t manage their place which could affect those near them as well as people that misuse facilities and other parts of the building.

Being in an apartment surrounded by apartments that are only rented could end up with some discomfort sometimes so it’s best to ask around and take some time to look around before deciding on buying the apartment.

If you plan on buying an apartment the most important thing is that you are comfortable and that the price is worth it. Keep an eye out for all details that will affect you during the years that you are living in the apartment. By following this checklist, you can get an apartment that will suit you and positively affect your life throughout the years.

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