9 Apps Every College Student Should Have

Life for a college student can be hectic; from schoolwork to keep up with family and friends and co-curricular activities. Luckily for them, there are apps in the market designed to help them manage most aspects of their demanding life so that they juggle all their responsibilities without forgetting any deadlines. Below is a list of helpful apps to assist you in your day-to-day activities:

9 Apps Every College Student Should Have



If you have notes in PDF format that you would love to quickly edit, compress, and secure, then SodaPDF is your best bet.


iStudies Pro

Many students will admit to handing in a half-baked assignment because they forgot the due date for the assignment. It is perfectly possible to completely forget the handing in date for major assignments and other events that will make up for almost half your grade, which is why you need iStudies Pro. This app allows you to feed in and sync your schedule with the cloud so you can receive notifications when due dates and events are around the corner. The mobile app goes for $2.99, while the desktop version costs $9.99.


RealCalc scientific calculator

The default calculator on your phone offers fewer functions than you will need in your math and science classes. The RealCalc calculator brings you your scientific calculator on your phone so that you need not worry about leaving yours at home. This free app has all the features that the scientific calculator has, and is just as accurate.



Another challenge students face is cramming their schedules and locations for their classes at the beginning of the semester. With Timetable, you can feed in your classes and their locations and time, so that you can quickly access it on the go.



The right format for your references could get you extra marks, which is why you need EasyBib. This awesome app enables you to get your bibliographies in APA, Chicago, or MLA formats by either taking a photo of the reference’s barcode or entering its title.



This interesting app will help you study for your exams when all you want to do is visit some fun sites instead. If you are having a hard time concentrating during your study time, simply install this free app then add all the sites giving you trouble. SelfControl will ban them for a specific period.



All students taking a foreign language or looking to learn one should install Duolingo. This fantastic app will help you learn over 30 international languages using intuitive methods. You can also use the app to translate and test yourself with multi-choice questions.



Many students will admit to having that one lecturer that goes at light speed so that understanding and jotting down notes is next to impossible. With SoundNote, you can record and store the entire lecture as an audio file that you can use later.



Every student needs an excellent revision app to help optimize their coursework when exams are around the corner. GoConqr is a remarkable app that will help you create flashcards, notes, quizzes and revision charts; as well as interact with classmates and friends.



The apps above offer you intuitive and low-cost ways to make your student life more manageable and less stressful.

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