Are Dutch Gamblers Ready To Play Casino Games Online?

Since the news hit that the Netherlands is opening the online gambling market for offshore operators, it became the hot subject everyone is speaking about. And considering the Dutch people’s passion for gambling, there are doubts that the Netherlands online casino market will become one of the biggest in Europe. The Netherlands ‘ regulating iGaming market is about to launch on October 1, welcoming around 40 offshore operators in the first stage.

Reports predict that sports bets will be the most popular market once the Dutch gamblers have access to the online market. But considering that slots and roulette are the most popular casino games in Europe, some experts think they’ll also gain some acclaim. At present, 38% of the Dutch gamblers are playing roulette, 25% bingo, and 12% online poker and baccarat. But it’s expected these numbers to change as the market becomes regulated because, at the moment, many people don’t want to register with illegal platforms.

With the Dutch online gambling market a few months away, everyone is excited to see the potential that lies ahead for gamblers, operators, and other stakeholders interested in the industry. The data suggests that the Dutch online gambling market will register a healthy start with players embracing the offerings. Considering that the Dutch audience is avid for casino games, there’s no surprise that major industry operators are interested in addressing the public. The legalisation of the online market comes from the public’s long-time requests for the authorities to provide them with a regulated framework. As the sector becomes legal, people will feel more at peace registering with online resources because they’ll know they benefit from safe and secure services.

It’s predicted that the Dutch market will have higher revenue than its European neighbors once it provides more operators with licenses.

If you’re a Dutch gambler, here is what to look for when you choose an online casino to register with

Most Dutch people interested in online gambling have many questions when it comes to picking a website they can register with to play casino games. What steps should they follow?

It’s a bit tricky for a first-time player because there isn’t a one-fit-all answer. It mostly depends on their preferences, skills, and other similar aspects that influence their decision.

Supposing you’ve never played online games, and you want to ensure the casino you register with is reliable and provides you with the best chances to win, here are what factors you should consider when you pick it.


Governmental and independent authorities license reputable online casinos. In the Netherlands, several such authorities ensure that the entities that receive a license follow a list of particular guidelines. The popular casino www.slottyvegas.com will probably be one of the operators that receive a license to provide their services for the Dutch public. You can also check some governmental resources to check what casinos they find trustworthy and find out more details about each organization’s licenses. The Dutch authorities have created some strict regulations the casino operators must follow if they want to get a license.

User experience

If you’re looking for websites that offer poker online for beginners, pay attention to the user experience the website promises to provide to its clients. Some online casinos have a section for gambler comments where they can provide feedback about their experience with the provider. Suppose you cannot find a comments section on the website or you think it doesn’t help you understand how high-quality their services are. In that case, you can check a third-party platform specialized in reviewing casino websites to find more about the gambling provider you want to register with.

Loyalty programs

The casino operators that will provide services to the Dutch public will definitely have loyalty programs for their clients because all online platforms provide this kind of benefit. But as expected, some websites may have better offers than others, and you should compare them to identify the ones that offer the best services for you. Considering that the Dutch authorities will provide licenses to less than 40 casino operators, in the beginning, it’s easy to compare their loyalty programs. Check their offers and determine if they tickle your fancy. As a beginner player, the value of the loyalty programs shouldn’t be in the cash return, but in the fun element, they provide because the more you play and enjoy the experience, the more skills you gain.

Free offers

Who wouldn’t enjoy free services? It’s one of the things you should look for when you register with an online casino because you don’t want to invest money before determining if casino games are the right thing for you. It would be smart to first create an account on a website that gives you free games and spins so you can try the games and figure out if you find them entertaining.

Of course, those casinos don’t offer free offers and bonuses away for nothing, and they come with a list of restrictions. So, you should check the terms and conditions before you decide what casino operator suits your needs. The goal of free offers is to engage players with their games and convince them to make a deposit after they can no longer play free.

Free deposit bonuses

Without a doubt, all casinos have bonuses that match a particular value of your initial bonus. So if you want to play casino games more than once, you should look for operators that offer more than first deposit bonuses. As the name suggests, the free deposit bonuses are created for players who don’t want to deposit real money to lay casino games. But because the end goal of the casino is to make a profit, you should expect at some point to ask you to deposit money if you want to continue to play your favorite game. When you make your first deposit, it will probably offer double or triple the amount of money you’re depositing.

These are only some of the factors you should check when you’re looking for a Dutch online casino to register with.

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