Are Mini Cigars Better than Cigarettes

CIgarettes have been the most preferred choices of teenagers and youngsters, mostly because they are compact, easy to use, and do not cost much. However, a recent trend has shown that youngsters are slowly moving towards having mini cigars rather than cigarettes. Due to this sudden increase, mini cigar manufacturers have been able to increase their manufacturing and product offerings in the market, which has received a lot of positive feedback from the customer. So what was the reason for the increase in mini cigar consumption all of a sudden from cigarettes? There can be multiple reasons for the same, and we will be discussing a few of them.

Since cigarettes already have a settled customer base in the market, it will be difficult for mini cigar manufacturers like white owl cigarillos to attract customers from consuming cigarettes to mini cigars. Mini cigar manufacturers have promoted their products to be much superior and better than cigarettes. Not only this, but these mini cigars also provide a better experience to use than smoking a regular cigarette. It is not just a fact that the company promoted but has been experienced by the users.


The most common difference between the two is the blend of tobacco being used. Although mini cigars are smaller, the blend of tobacco remains the same that is being used in regular cigars. Due to this, the effectiveness of the blend is on the higher side when compared to a cigarette. The overall aroma, flavor, and strength of mini cigars are higher than a cigarette. Therefore, it is excellent for people who want a stronger experience of tobacco from smoking. On the other side, cigarettes are more popular due to the variety they offer. Cigarettes have multiple varieties with different blends, which can be light as well as strong.

It makes sure that the user can have ample choices while choosing between their favorite cigarettes. While both are very close to each other in dimension, the experience of both is entirely different. However, we cannot say this about a rolled-up cigarette. Rolled up cigarettes can be made from any tobacco which the user wants and can even use the same tobacco used in the mini cigars. Mini cigars can be termed as better than cigarettes in most cases; however, when it comes to affordability and compactness, cigarettes take the lead.


Another factor that can be the reason for mini cigars to get popular is the addition of flavors to tobacco and the wraps. The rolling paper used in a cigarette is made from a thin piece of white paper mostly. However, cigars use different types of papers made up of rice, wood, hemp, etc. Each of these rolling papers in the cigar has nicotine to increase and enhance the experience of smoking. When it comes to cigarettes, there is no variation to rolling paper. Another difference is the variety in the flavoring of the mini cigar. Cigarettes offer fewer flavors when compared to mini cigars.

Also, mini cigars have come up with unique and exciting characteristics like a wild berry, mocktails, etc., which are not an offering in cigarettes. Therefore when we compare the two, it is hard to say which one is the best, but it is evident that mini cigars are surely becoming the new choice for teenagers and youngsters. Since it offers something more than a cigarette at the same size and price range, people are interested in trying out cigars to get the feel of smoking.

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