Are Natural Breast Enlargement Pills Safe To Use?

Many women, especially those who were not endowed with full-sized breasts, aspire to obtain those desired sizes through various means. The most popular procedure is the implant, which is an invasive procedure that allows silicon-based material to be placed between tissues in the chest area to augment or enlarge the breast size of an individual.

Although this has been around for a couple of decades, cases of ruptured implants, pain, and other problems have led women to take a less direct approach to enlarging their breasts. Natural supplementation has become a safer alternative for women to achieve fuller and larger breasts.

How Does It Work?

Breast size is largely connected to estrogen and progesterone – a couple of natural hormones in the body that influence the development of the breasts. During puberty, the breast tissues begin to develop fat with the increased production of estrogen in the body. However, during menopause, the production of these hormones declines, which results in the reduction of the tissue volume that leads to sagging breasts.

Natural breast enlargement pills, the effective ones, have an active ingredient called “phytoestrogens” that work on estrogen receptors producing the effects of increased volume in the breasts. Although we are already getting these components since they are readily found in many vegetables, according to the experts from BreastActives, supplements seek to balance the hormone level, which will make it sufficient to show its results on the breasts.

The pills will not only improve sagging breasts and augment their shape, it can also help with symptoms of PMS and hormonal imbalance due to menopause.

What Are The Natural Components?

Most of the natural breast enlargement pills contain one or more of these natural ingredients that aid in the hormonal production affecting breast size:

1- Blessed Thistle

Historically used by women to aid in the production of milk, today it is approved as a treatment for loss of appetite and indigestion by the government of Germany.

2- Fennel Seed

For many years Fennel has been used to help with milk flow and menstrual problems, and as an aphrodisiac. There is still a need for further studies on how Fennel helps in the hormones that increase the volume of the breasts in women.

3- Hops

Commonly used as the main ingredient for brewing beer, hops contain a potent phytoestrogen, which has 0.2 to 20% estradiol. However, hops can also cause certain effects on humans like drowsiness so it must be taken cautiously, especially for those who suffer depression.

4- Pueraria Mirifica

Sometimes referred to as Kwao Krua, this plant contains miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol, a compound that mimics the effect of estrogen in the body.

What Do The Studies Say?

While there is still a need to conduct more comprehensive studies on the efficacy and safety of natural pills for breast enlargement, it is still one of the safer and less invasive options for implants. But the only thing you’ll have to remember is that with pills and natural herbs, you shouldn’t expect to see the effects overnight. Results should be visible after four to six weeks of taking the pills at their recommended dosage.

Considering the natural components of these breast enlargement pills, the approach doesn’t contradict the body’s function; rather, as a supplement, it aids in certain areas to achieve the results needed. But as with any exercise aimed at changing your body, you must first consult your doctor to see if these products are suitable for you.

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