Are Perfume Bottles Worth Any Money?

You have finally finished your favorite perfume. One of the reasons you chose that fragrance might have been down to the bottle. This is often an element that people consider when they are shopping for perfume. Indeed, when it has a beautiful bottle, they are more excited by the brand and what it has to offer.

But, when you have finished the fragrance, you might not be sure what to do next. For example, you can choose to keep the bottle and allow it to be an accessory on your dressing table. Alternatively, you can choose to throw it out. Alternatively, you might ask the question; is this perfume bottle worth anything?

Are Perfume Bottles Valuable?

First of all, let’s answer the question. Can perfume bottles be valuable? Yes, they can be. But this is only going to be under certain conditions. For example, a bottle is likely to be worth something if it is rare and not a lot of people have it. Alternatively, it could be down to the brand or artist, as well as the age. So, it is likely that a perfume bottle will have to be an antique before it becomes valuable.

You can look online to see if you think you have a valuable perfume bottle. But, something else that has to be taken into account is the condition. If the bottle had not been taken care of through the years, it might have lost its value.

Generally, when it comes to modern perfume bottles, they are not going to be worth anything. Instead, it is best to just enjoy having them on display and using the fragrance while it is still fresh. For example, a lot of people love the bottle of Emporio Armani Diamonds. It makes a beautiful addition to your bedroom or walk-in wardrobe. You can get your diamond perfume from Questmoor Pharmacy and enjoy the fragrance. Again, this is a modern perfume, so the bottle is simply nice to look at and admire.

How Do I Know If My Perfume Bottle Is Valuable?

The perfume bottles that are likely to be worth some money are described as vintage. So, if you have a perfume from the last five to 10 years, it is unlikely to fall into this category. That is unless it is rare, as we have already discussed.

Typically, consider the age of the bottle, as well as the design. If it is fancy and not like others you see on shelves, it might be worth doing some research on it. In addition, you will want to check to see who made the bottle. For example, some names that are likely to be worth something include Baccarat, Lalique, and DeVilbiss.

Something to remember is that even if you find that your perfume bottle is valuable, you still have to sell it. In other words, someone has to be prepared to buy the bottle for you to make money. You will have to consider the best avenues for doing this. It could be through eBay and there are platforms for vintage items. There is a possibility that some stores and vintage dealers could purchase the bottle from you. This is often a more convenient way to sell the item. But, it can also mean that you take a price cut for this convenience. You will have to think about how much you want for the item, as well as how long you are prepared to get the price you wish for.

Crafters May Purchase

There are a lot of people out there who have their small businesses. In particular, they take old items and make them into something new. So, there is a possibility that they might perfume bottles from you if they are attractive and different. Of course, this is not going to be for a lot of money. But, it can be a way to get a little bit of cash, as well as get rid of old bottles you have.

Therefore, you can offer perfume bottles on platforms such as eBay or online marketplaces. It might be best to collect quite a few and sell them at the same time. Again, do not charge a lot for these bottles as nobody will put in any offers. Be prepared to discuss discounts with crafters you are looking to get a good deal on their next project. It is not a get-rich scheme but it can make you some pocket money.

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