Are Wisdom Teeth Important

Are Wisdom Teeth Important

Third molars usually appear around the age of 18, when it is assumed that the person has reached a certain maturity. That’s why they’re called wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are teeth that grow at the last of the gums, and they are the last teeth that grow. In most cases, people have four wisdom teeth but also the different cases a few people do. In general, they leave when they are around 20 years old, that is, at the end of the second decade of life or at the beginning of the third decade. Wisdom teeth create an issue when the rest of the 28 teeth grow properly, and no space remains for these.

What Is The Purpose Of The Wisdom Tooth?

The Purpose Of The Wisdom Tooth

In the case of a few people, wisdom teeth are a bad dream from which they want to get free as soon as possible. Do you think that wisdom teeth are important for good oral health? Yes, most dentist says that they are good for health. But after some sometimes when they cause an issue for you, you must remove them. Below is a complete guide about wisdom teeth.

Why Do You Feel Pain?

The specialist advised that it is important to keep the wisdom teeth to have an appropriate act of chewing, but if the patient has discomfort and is injured for some health reason, there is no problem in removing them.

Recommendations For After Extraction

The specialist indicated that the pain produced by the appearance of the wisdom tooth could last from two to three days, but if it passes the eight days you should go to the emergency dentist.

When Should You Think Of Removing Them?

The dentist indicated that the wisdom teeth should be removed when they compromise the functionality of the mastication, they bother or when they come out vertically or horizontally.

The dentist indicated that the wisdom teeth should be removed when they compromise the functionality of the mastication, they bother, or when they come out vertically or horizontally.

So, What Is Its Function Or What Are They For?

Evolution has allowed many human traits to have changed or disappeared. These molars are not the exception since the human ancestors had, not only more massive jaws but also, harder diets, so the wisdom teeth were responsible for helping in the crushing of these foods.

Currently, the jaws have been reduced and with them, the diets too, so the presence of these morals is not as necessary, although they maintain the function of chewing.

Why Do They Cause So Many Problems?

wisdom teeth complains

In fact, 90% of the human population that presents the eruption of wisdom teeth complains of numerous problems here some of the most frequent.

  1. Many people do not have enough space for the correct eruption of morals, causing pain.
  2. By having little space, they push the teeth causing discomfort in the bite or causing uneven dentures.
  3. Pain to its appearance.

The best recommendation in relation to wisdom teeth is that you present it to a good dentist and in case of suffering one or several of the problems mentioned above; a good dentist would evaluate a possible extraction.

Your Wisdom Teeth Welcome You To Come Of Age

Wisdom teeth often erupt around the age of 18. Although they usually do not give pain when leaving, it is convenient to remove them if they start to bother. At these ages, it is highly recommended to review every six months and in this way, avoid possible problems arising from a possible bad “birth” of these pieces.

In case it is necessary to extract wisdom teeth, it is best to do it as soon as possible and avoid its growth. In this way, the intervention will be more accessible and will generate less discomfort in the patient.

If you have any doubts about when to extract wisdom teeth, you can consult us whenever you want. Always remember that prevention is the best treatment you can perform, it is the least painful, for you and your pocket.

Is It Necessary To Extract The Wisdom Teeth?

Extract The Wisdom Teeth

The time when wisdom teeth grow in most of the case of cases is at the age of 17. They carry that name because it alludes to the time in which they usually appear issues in adolescence when supposedly it is the moment in life when the judgment is already better formed. Once they grow, they will not change their position but grow in a terrible position.

The wisdom teeth are 4: As we already say that there are four wisdom teeth, 2 of which are in the upper jaw and the rest 2 in the lower jaw. Many people do have no wisdom teeth. In these people wisdom teeth only develop but no growth in them.

Although the extraction of wisdom teeth is recommended, it is important to note that it is not always necessary. When the molars manage to exit correctly without damaging other teeth, and there is no discomfort when biting surgery is not necessary.

In some cases, it happens that wisdom teeth come out partially, which makes them prone to decay and other diseases because they are difficult to reach with brushing and flossing, which causes bacteria to accumulate. In these cases, it is necessary to remove them.

The ideal age to extract the third molar is between 16 and 22 years since it is not yet fully formed.

Around the age of 23, root formation occurs, and extraction becomes more complicated. From that age, there is more risk that the root is inside the mandibles canal, in which the nerve that gives sensitivity to the tooth is located, and surgery is more complicated. Before age 22, the post-operative is also better.

The best solution to remove these types of teeth is panoramic radiography with the help of an expert dentist. But before going for the panoramic radiography, you must diagnose whether you need to perform wisdom teeth removal or not. If these teeth create an issue for you then it is best to remove them on time. So for the removal of wisdom teeth take the help of an expert dentist.


With many dentistry treatments and oral medication sessions, medical science is now a boon that helps people with kinds of oral problems, oral cosmetic surgeries, moral teeth extractions, braces, etc. If you are the one who is looking for excellent and expertise dentistry treatment, in addition to wisdom teeth issues or other oral problems, then All on Four offered by great dentists will work in favor of shaping your oral problems just in a few sessions and also tell you if you can make a Wisdom Teeth Recovery.

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