Are You Ready To Spend Your Summer On A Lockdown?

It was only a few months ago that the COVID-19 virus began taking form and spreading across the world, causing a global pandemic. Financial markets crashed, shops were forced to close, and millions lost work. The virus is still devastating the entire world, with thousands dying every day. While restrictions are seemingly being loosened, we should not hold out hope that things will return to normal by this summer, so we must consider many other ways we can spend our summer, while isolated and locked down.

With minimal outdoor exercise, we are all going a bit stir-crazy, but there are still things you can do in the comfort of your own home to salvage the summer!

Spend Summer On Lockdown

Invest in a Swimming Pool, For Starters!

When considering staying home for the entire summer, a summer that is projected to be the hottest of generations, it is no surprise many will want a swimming pool installed. By investing in one of the best above ground pools you can find, you will be making the summer easier not just for you but your family, especially your kids! The summer can be grueling trapped indoors as a kid, but with a swimming pool in your back garden, you’ve hours of endless fun afforded to you.

Lockdown restrictions are due to lessen soon, which means people will be allowed to have closer social interactions, so with a swimming pool you will be the talk of the town. The neighbors will love you, friends you haven’t seen for years will pop their heads up, and your children will become the most popular in school. Yes, a swimming pool can define summer as a good one. Be sure to do your research on the team you pay to install the pool, and from where you buy your pool.

Introduce Kids to Gardening!

Locked down, perhaps is one of the best ways to still reap the rewards of vitamin D by getting started to work on your garden! Get the kids outside, order seeds, and start planting! Gardening can be a great hobby to cultivate in your children, instilling in them a love for nature at an early age, and an affinity toward wildlife and plants. There is no shortage of things you can do when gardening, and no shortage of plants you can plant. You can also dig out a pond and put some carp in there to make your garden look a lot cooler, which would be great fun for your kids!

In no time your garden will be verdant and vibrant, with roses and jasmine, the best in the neighborhood!

Take The Family On Bike Rides!

Social distancing is loosening shortly, so bike rides will engage the entire family. We are only permitted to take bike rides in immediate family units, and it is forbidden to exercise with those who are not part of your family nor close enough to live with you.

Bike rides can be a great addition to the summer, they can teach your children about nature and afford them memories that will last a lifetime. Cycling down narrow sunken country lanes, hilltop views of rapeseed fields on your periphery, the smell of pine cones. Yes, bicycle rides can be a great way to bond and create intimate experiences with your family.

If you cannot afford to purchase every member of your family a bike thankfully you can find leasing services designed to rent your family bicycles for a day or a week. The bikes must be returned in good quality and will always be given to you in the best quality imaginable.

Get Them Interested in Reading!

Reading on summer holidays

While reading isn’t a conventional hobby for the summer holidays, it is a lot of free time that can be used educationally. If we must resign ourselves to a summer spent indoors, then what better hobby to cultivate than reading? By opening your children’s minds to the wonder of books, then you will be gifting them with a hobby that can often shape them into brilliant, hardworking, and gifted members of society. If your children are exceptionally young, then start them off with children’s books by Roald Dahl and Dr. Seuss.

There is no shortage of books for your children to read, and it has been proven those who read books often are more likely to become millionaires.

Whatever you decide to do with the summer you must exercise caution considering the virus that is devastating the world and killing hundreds of thousands of people. The COVID-19 epidemic as of yet shows no signs of stopping. If you do not air on the side of caution you may find yourself being one of the many families who have been devastated by this virus, so exercise some caution and bear in mind the many people lost when you want to break the isolation rules.

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