Army Supplies Made Just For You

There is nothing wrong is getting yourself prepared for the Army and combat. However, you should be careful not to waste money on unnecessary things. Getting fully decked with unnecessary gear indicates that a person does not have any idea of what things are required to be used in combat.

This doesn’t mean you should wait to be given everything in your unit but when buying personal things, make sure you get useful things, including thin ribbons. In this post, we will look at some Army supplies that are made just for you. These are supplies that you will use on the field. Let’s check them out.

– Muzzle Caps

Buying tangible things that will serve a purpose does not only make you look smart but also makes for a meaningful investment. Muzzle caps seem insignificant but the truth is that it saves you a lot of stress by ensuring that sand and dust do not find their way into your barrel.

With a muzzle cap, you will spend less time cleaning because all you will have to clean is the carbon from the chamber and not the whole gunk. They are also great accessories to have.

– Point Rifle Slings

When you get deployed, you always have to carry your weapon around. Usually, you are given a single-strap sling, which would not serve much. However, the 3-point rifle slings make things more ergonomic, which means the hassle will be significantly reduced.

If you choose a one-point sling, you will have to drag the riffle along the mud and dirt and the lifespan of the sling will be short. To make things easier on you, choose the 3-point rifle slings that are made for you.

– Moisture Wicking Shirts

If you have been deployed to the desert, you will get sweaty every minute. Of course, you will be issued undershirts by your unit. These undershirts are created with heavy cotton and this means they will be thicker and heavier when they get soaked.

To get lighter and make your experience in the desert less cumbersome, you can choose a variety of moisture-wicked shirts that will just be perfect for you.

– Sturdier Boots

When you sign up with the Army and are deployed, there is one important piece of military gear that you will get regularly. That is the general-issued boots. You will get these frequently because you need them.

Unfortunately, they rip faster and the soles wear out quickly. They also don’t have heel support or any arch. You don’t have to depend on only these to get comfortable in the demanding tasks committed into your hands.

All you have to do is get a pair that falls within the regulations for your command or branch. The good news is your command or branch won’t mind much if you can supply your own.

– Magazine Pouches

You will undoubtedly get your standard 6-plus-one magazine pouches to keep different craps, including your magazines. However, you can get more to put other pieces of stuff if you swap the issued pouches for store-bought magazine pouches. You can put other items like the AAFES pogs, and so many others.


The bottom line is that when choosing Army supplies, you should look out for items that are useful for you. This will save you a lot of unnecessary spending. Thankfully, the online platform has numerous options for gears that you can get.

You can simply browse through different online platforms to check for items you need. When you have found the perfect items at the right prices, you can place your order and have them delivered to you.

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