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The Art Of Braking Smoothly

There are several different braking techniques that could prove to be very useful when going fast speeds in motocross riding. Any sudden need to brake should be done competently and without endangering the individual and those around.



Good braking and skill on taking sudden cornering positions will help to make up positions that can prove to be winning points as most motocross races may not be savvy in doing, this is due to the fact that there is not much confidence in the style of braking and the individual’s own capability of maintaining complete balance.

As the front brake of the motocross bike provides a ratio of about 70% of the overall braking power, the riders should be confident enough in applying the brakes without being nervous about the front end washing out. The rear brake doesn’t provide as much stopping power bit is just as effective in keeping the bike as stable as possible. Something to note would be the style in which the lower part of the body should be applied and that is to simulate the attacking the position of gripping the bike with the knees particularly when braking in rough areas, as this will allow the rider to keep control and take some of the strain off the arms and shoulders.


When applying the brakes around smooth corners, the weight should be at the back of the bike to stop the rear wheel from lifting. If however there are large breaking bumps, then the rider would have to centralize the overall weight to allow the bike to rock underneath over the bumps. If the center is off-camber, then there would be a need to redistribute the weight forward to weight down the front wheel to prevent that from washing out.

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