Attorney Lead Generation: 10 Tips to Attract Quality Leads

It is crucial for law firms to attract quality leads. This guide on attorney lead generation lists 10 tips to attract quality leads.

The US has¬†experienced a 15.2% rise in lawyers over the past decade! As that number continues to rise, it can become more difficult to stand out from the crowd. Generating leads and new clients can become a struggle if you don’t have a strategy.

Without new leads, you’ll never grow your practice!

Here are the 10 attorney lead generation strategies you need for success. With these tips, you can stand apart from your competitors and appeal to more clients.

Boost your brand and grow your law practice with these 10 lawyer lead generation tips today.


  1. Make Sure You’re Easy to Reach

First, make sure potential clients have an easy way of contacting you. If website visitors struggle to find a form or your phone number, you’ll never start generating lawyer leads.

Take a good look at your website. Is it optimized for conversions? Are you prompting visitors to contact you for more information?

Think about the benefit you’re offering potential clients if they contact you. Maybe you can help them earn a large settlement. Maybe you’re focused on protecting their best interests.

Either way, highlight that benefit within your call-to-action (CTA). Your CTA should sound compelling, convenient, and urgent. With a strong CTA, you can nudge people in the right direction, allowing you to turn visitors into lawyer leads.

There are a few different ways visitors might convert on your website.

First, make sure you have contact forms available above-the-fold. Keep your forms short. People don’t want to spend 30 minutes filling out a form when you only need basic information.

You can set the form to auto-populate to ensure it’s easy to use.

Otherwise, make sure your contact information is easy to find. You should have your phone number located in the upper right-hand corner and footer of your site. If your navigation is simplified, visitors should also find your contact page with ease.


  1. Give Your Website an Upgrade

As part of your attorney lead generation strategy, don’t neglect your website!

About 70 to 80% of consumers research companies online before converting into a lead. However, 38% of people will stop engaging if the site is unappealing. If your website is old and out-of-date, your site could scare off attorney leads.

Another 75% of internet users will judge a company’s credibility based on how their website looks. Meanwhile, a slow-loading website could cost you 25% of potential leads after four seconds.

When updating your website, consider utilizing user experience (UX) design trends. UX design can benefit your overall attorney lead generation strategy in numerous ways. With UX design, you’re providing visitors with a fast, easy, and convenient experience.

These trends can benefit your search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategies as well.

First, make sure your pages are loading quickly. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to determine what’s slowing your site down.

Next, clear out the clutter.

A cluttered, jam-packed website can feel disorienting and difficult to read. Your visitors won’t know where to focus their attention. Instead, give your content room to breathe with white space.

You can also improve readability by using shorter sentences and paragraphs. Break large blocks of text content apart with engaging visuals. Try using bulleted lists and headlines, too.

Utilizing UX design trends will make it easier for visitors to explore your content. Then, they’re more likely to find what they’re looking for before contacting you for more information.

Go Mobile

Google now uses mobile-first indexing to determine search engine rankings. People are relying on their smartphones for information more often. If your website isn’t mobile-optimized, you could lose valuable attorney leads.

Make sure your site is easy to use on mobile devices.


  1. Optimize Your Content

About 93% of all online activities start with a search engine. Meanwhile, almost 15% of SEO-generated leads convert into sales. If your website content isn’t searched engine optimized, however, potential leads might fail to find you online.

To improve your attorney lead generation strategy, you need to pinpoint your ideal client. The better you know your target audience, the more likely you’ll reach them online.

First, break your broad target audience into personas. You can target clients based on their age, gender, location, legal needs, and other demographics.

Think about the problems your clients are facing. How can you help them?

For a strong SEO strategy, you’ll need to know which keywords your prospects are searching for online. You can use SEMRush, Keyword Planner, and Google Trends to start researching. You can also check up on your competitors to discover which keywords they’re targeting.

Then, you’ll need to create high-quality, authoritative content to appear for these searches.

Make sure you understand the user’s search intent. Are they looking for legal services or answers to their questions?

Determining their search intent will help you craft the content they need.


Creating Content

When creating your content, make sure to back up any claims you make without outside resources. Adding external links from reputable resources will make your brand look authoritative, too.

You’ll also want to add internal links, which send readers to other pages on your website. Internal links can improve your clickthrough rate and dwell time. Meanwhile, your bounce rate will drop.

Improving these metrics can benefit your search engine ranking.

Try crafting different forms of content, including blog posts, tutorials, eBooks, and videos. For example, you can create an interview video to introduce members of your legal team. You can use a “what to do after a car crash” tutorial to generate lawyer leads.

Once you craft your content, end with a strong CTA. Encourage visitors to contact you for the legal help they need.


  1. Highlight Your Value

What can you offer your clients that no other law firm in the area can? Focusing on your value will help you stand out from the crowd.

For example, maybe you’re leveraging years of experience and expertise. Maybe you have a huge winning streak. Have you represented well-known clients in the past?

Either way, give clients a reason to choose you over your competitors. Then, highlight that value in your marketing materials.

Focusing on your value will give prospects a reason to trust your brand. If they can’t trust you, they’ll turn to someone they can.

On the fence about using these lawyer lead generation tips? Consider the importance of legal leads before you get started.


  1. Showcase Your Successes

As you start creating content and sharing it online, make sure to highlight your success stories.

For example, maybe you recently won a huge case for a client. Maybe you won a local award or added a new lawyer to your firm. Turn every accomplishment into an opportunity to acquire new clients.

Remember, brand trust is essential. Focusing on your successes will help potential clients recognize your value. Then, they’ll see that you’re a credible resource they can depend on for help.


  1. Start Socializing Online

Social media can play a big part in your attorney lead generation strategy, too. As you start creating content and experiencing successes, share your story on social media! You can use social media to promote your content and strike up a conversation.

Once people start commenting and engaging with your posts, don’t forget to engage back. Let your audience know you’re listening.

If they have questions, provide concise, easy answers in your responses.

You can also direct them to a blog post or website page for a more thorough answer.

Otherwise, encourage your social media followers to contact you with the assurance you’re there to help.


  1. Put PPC to Work

PPC advertising allows you to create text and visual ads that will direct prospective attorney leads to your website. When creating PPC ads, make sure your headlines are clear and concise.

Direct prospects to a dedicated landing page, too. Make sure each ad and corresponding landing page has a singular focus and strong CTA.

Then, you can start acquiring attorney leads and appealing to new clients based on the services they need.


  1. Reel Them Back In

Once you start acquiring more website visitors, reel them back in with remarketing. People can leave your website without converting into a lead. Remarketing gives you a second chance with those same visitors.

It’s believed that businesses can expect an estimated 1550% ROI with remarketing.

When using remarketing, use a dedicated landing page, and focused ad language. For example, you might say “Welcome Back!” within the content.


  1. Keep Your Audience Up-to-Date

Email marketing allows you to keep your subscribers up-to-date with business and industry updates. Let them know if you’ve won a big case recently. Send subscribers links to your latest blog posts.

You can also use an automated drip campaign, allowing you to save yourself valuable time.


  1. Improve Your Reputation With Reviews

To further improve your brand reputation and encourage trust, ask for reviews. Have happy clients email their reviews or post them on your Google My Business listing.

Reviews from happy clients will help prospective clients trust you. As a result, they’ll become more likely to convert into leads!


Get in Order: 10 Effective Attorney Lead Generation Tips

Ready to get your marketing strategy in order? With these 10 attorney lead generation tips, you can attract website visitors before converting them into leads. Stand out from the crowd and boost your law firm practice with these tips today.

Searching for more ways to grow your practice? Explore the Marketing section of the blog today for more tips!

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