Australia Ahoy! 5 Charming Beach Towns of the Great Land Down Under

Are you planning to have a vacation in Australia?

Australia is the smallest continent in the southern hemisphere of the world. It has a coastline that spans over 20,000 miles, making it a home to beautiful beaches. That’s why over 9 million visitors went to Australia in 2019.

Though most tourists stick to the major cities, its coast is full of hidden gems waiting for you to discover. From fishing ports to tropical towns, Australia’s seashore towns won’t disappoint. Here are some of the best beach towns in Australia you can visit.

  1. White Sands of Jervis Bay

Jervis bay is Hyams Beach’s home, which is the whitest sand beach in the world. It’s near a small southern village, three-hour away from Sydney.

Jervis Bay is where the Boodore National Park is home to different wildlife. It’s also known for its breathtaking cliff-top trails that oversee the shore. The place’s rental options make it a great traveling destination for everyone.

  1. Surfing Areas of Byron Bay

Byron Bay is one of the best beach towns in Australia. It’s most famous because of one fascinating factor. It’s where both tropical and craggy landscapes come together, creating beautiful scenery.

It’s also a famous destination for surfers as it makes gigantic waves. You only need to see its hidden hideaways and semi-private ambiance. This is the charm of the place, which will always call you back to return.

  1. Stunning Fishing Village of Port Douglas

Port Douglas is one of the best beach towns in Australia. It has top-notch establishments that run along its coastal shores. This makes it easier for you to choose as you stroll by the four-mile beach shore.

The town is between a coastal reef and rainforest biome. Check out their great underwater adventures and visit the Great Barrier Reef. This has made the small beach town a famous destination for tourists.

  1. Wild Kangaroo Island of Kingscote

Kingscote is the largest town on Kangaroo Island. It has a rich history of being the first settlement created by early European travelers. Even today, you can still see the early remnants that include the first post office and jetty.

You can travel there via plane or boat. From there you can see the different water activities you can try out.

  1. Cooling Breeze of Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Heads is one of Australia’s small beach towns that people go to for vacation. It’s a unique choice to travel as it’s found south of the continent. Though small, it’s a bustling town with a pine beach filled with cafes of sorts.

Most surfers flock to this town to test their surfing skills from the shore point break. Despite this, Burleigh’s National Park invites everyone to enjoy the beautiful sight.


Visit These Best Beach Towns in Australia Today!

From the city to hidden areas, there are many beach places you can travel to in Australia. It’s all up to you which beach town you should visit next.

We hope you can use this guide on traveling through the best beach towns in Australia. If these places don’t suit you, you can search other places. Check out other destinations in our travel guide posts!

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