Alexander Hunkin

Alexander Hunkin is an Australian based startup advisor with in-depth experience in growing business. His meaningful and strategic advices have helped in setting and growing many startup companies in Brisbane and Perth. Alexander is also a content creator for different niches. The top ones are business, career, finance, and marketing. He aspires to share his experiences and is always on the lookout for the next opportunity to enhance his skills. When he isn’t busy working, you can find him cooking exotic meals, scuba diving, and cycling.

5 Jobs That Will Take You on Wild Adventures

One of the things that a lot of people find lacking in their life is the lack of adventure. You see, for the majority of people, an unexpected delay of a shipment is the highlight of adrenaline that they will be exposed to throughout the week

Launching a Start-up – How Much Money Do You Really Need?

Starting your own business is, above all, exciting. You get the opportunity to test yourself, to use your ingenuity, your talent, and your intelligence, all to their very maximum. Becoming an entrepreneur is the ultimate test of your willpower, your work capacity, a great way to see just how much you can push yourself, and to what limit

A Guide for Entrepreneurs How to Protect your Intellectual Property

A startup basically equals its product. In most cases, this intellectual property (IP) is not protected well enough because entrepreneurs have a million other issues to deal with. Entrepreneurship can get hectic at first so countless businessmen forget to take care of the legal issues of protecting their IP

How to Differentiate Your Business from The Competition

IN order to succeed you need to differentiate yourself from your competition. It sees everybody nowadays has their own start-up, their own craft brewery, their own little niche business. You get a sea of corporate entities all fighting for a piece of the pay, while the regular consumer can’t make heads or tails of who is who.

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