Jovia Sevilla

Jovia is a freelance writer who writes about different topics such as computer software, mobile application, financial information, among other things. She has been engaged in writing how-to guides and informative articles directed for various kinds of readers. During her spare time, she loves to read fiction books and watch movies or TV series.

Fornite and the Shooter in Me: A Newbie’s View

I have always been a fan of online games. Unlike the new generation’s choices of playing LOL, dating simulation and other interactive games, I started with the now utterly old-school Space Invaders and moved on from one shooting game to another. My last was Metal Slug. College made it difficult for me to play.

5 Reasons Why A Mom Like Me Plays League of Legends

Most moms would tell their kids to stop playing League of Legends (LoL) or any other mobile games. Me, I tell them, “Let’s play!” Well, 55% of League of Legends fans are females, according to Venture Beat, and I admit that I am part of that percentage

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