Top 10 AV Rental Companies in Dallas

Regardless of whether you need to organize a seminar, a function, or a reception, you might need audiovisual support. You may want projectors, speakers, and lighting for the occasion, but where do you get it from? You will have to hire an AV rental company.

Keep in mind that there are many players in the market, but not all of them are worth hiring. Many companies have outdated or faulty equipment that might make your event a disaster. Working with a reputable company is an excellent experience. Don’t just choose one randomly as you will regret it later.

Here are ten awesome rental companies present in Dallas.

Zoe Audio Visual

Zoe Audio Visual is a Texas-based company that started its journey in 2002. They are a full-service event production company that can provide you with all the audiovisual equipment you need. Their offerings include video monitors, video walls, screens, projectors, sound, and lighting. Moreover, they have a resourceful staff that makes sure everything is up and running on the day of the event. Regardless of whether you need a well-tuned sound system or a total lighting package, they can make it happen for you.

Showtech Productions

Showtech Productions is one of the best Dallas AV rental companies out there. They are well-experienced and have been serving the market for more than 22 years. Naturally, they have what it takes to organize a successful conference for you. They have the capabilities to make any event, concert, or seminar a blast.  They feature a large inventory of rental equipment which assures you get what you need for your event. Any list would be incomplete without mentioning this brilliant AV rental company.

Crossroads Audio

Crossroads Audio has been a player in the AV rental industry since 1972. In addition to AV rental, they also sell used equipment. They have an impressive inventory that features speaker systems, audio components, microphones, ear monitors, DJ equipment, and video equipment. They are also well-versed with customer needs and can bring their vision to life. The company is run by some highly qualified people who understand events, concert, and festival production. This Dallas based company can do your event justice.

Onstage Systems

Onstage Systems is another full-service event solution that is functional in Dallas. This company has Absen certified engineer technicians who are great at what they do. They have also won a few awards including the ISES Esprit Award for best technical production and an Event Solutions Spotlight Award​​. Their inventory can serve your audio, video, lighting, backline, staging, and special effects needs. Moreover, the equipment is well-maintained, so there are lower chances for there to be issues with them during an event. Even their portfolio is full of substance and includes activities like the Dallas Petroleum Ball 2018.

Jark 1 Entertainment

Jark 1 Entertainment is an AV rental company established in 1998. They have professional staff who pay proper attention to the customer and his needs. You won’t have to worry if you partner with them. They have an impressive clientele which includes companies like HP and Paypal. They also give a home to an array of equipment with brands like Panasonic, Sharp, and Black Magic. The combination of their audiovisual support and a wide assortment of audiovisual equipment is exceptional. They truly have the capabilities to make a spectacular event happen.

Event Ninja Pro

Event Ninja Pro believes in personalized customer experience and strives to achieve just that. They will seamlessly execute your vision with their equipment and remarkable customer service. This company also offers live video production and streaming services in addition to the usual. This Dallas based company believes in providing a high-value experience for a lower price. It would be fair to say that their rental services are pretty affordable. You can use their website to add equipment to the cart after which a sales specialist will contact you.

Dallas Event Audio

Dallas Event Audio offers high-end sound, video, and lighting equipment rentals. Their premium sound solutions would be perfect for a concert. Their sound equipment can handle anywhere between 10 guests to 10,000 guests. They have various offerings, including rental projectors, video walls, 3D video mapping, concert lighting, and PA speakers. If you need a DJ for your event, look no further because this company has it handled. They provide DJ rental services for occasions like weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events. In short, they make the party happen.

AVL Dallas

AVL Dallas is a company created specifically to cater to small and medium-sized corporations. They handle corporate admirably and can brand your event to make it more memorable. When it comes to luxurious social events, they have those treated too with the latest audio and video equipment in the industry.

They offer full-service solutions with the equipment that they own and the expertise they have. Their professional audio, visual, and lighting equipment coupled with their customer-centric approach ensures an awesome event. Moreover, they have city approved permits to operate indoor cold fireworks that can make your high energy events exciting. Speak about making a blast.

Blue Moon Cinemas

Blue Moon Cinemas specializes in the execution of outdoor entertainment for any event. You can rely on them to charm the attendees with their setup. Depending on the client’s needs, they even offer event consulting to ensure they execute it flawlessly. They provide outdoor cinema services, inflatable movie screens, and equipment rental. Their inventory includes outdoor screens, indoor screens, projector stands, projectors, speakers, and mixers. Their audiovisual expertise will not disappoint you.

Sound & Music Garage

Sound & Music Garage runs through the efforts of a group of musicians, DJs, and techies who know how to execute a magnificent live event. Since the staff has over 50 years of combined experience, you can rely on them to make your event a hit. Their affordable pricing and great sound, lighting, and production quality make them unique. Moreover, Sound & Music Garage is a proud member of Revel One USA and can handle an event of any scale. If you want more pre-production and post-production services, you can count on this company.

Final Thoughts

When you have to manage an event, you need to ensure that you choose the right partners. There is no way you would want your guests to remember the day because the speakers didn’t work. When you use an audiovisual rental service, you should make sure they are reputable and experienced. If they don’t understand your needs There are many companies in the market, but you should only choose the one that is best suited for your needs.

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