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Avoid Costly Repairs By Checking & Fixing These Dirt Bike Parts

Rugged trails, muddy paths, and rocky ground are the home of dirt bikes. To handle these types of terrain, dirt bikes are designed to take a lot of abuse. Advances in motorcycle technology have made dirt bikes more challenging, faster, more maneuverable, and more powerful.

But even if they are designed to be tough, dirt bikes are still machines. Therefore, dirt bike parts tend to break down after some time. To lengthen their service time, dirt bike parts need proper maintenance or even replacement.

General Maintenance Cost

Regular maintenance of your dirt bike’s parts will save you a lot of money. Consider a rebuild kit for defective linkages. If you purchase this, you will have to shell out around $150-200. But a tub of grease to prevent damage to the linkages only costs around $5-10.

A new top-end gasket costs $100-150. But the cost to clean out air filters for preventive maintenance is only $10-20. New replacement transmission gears or bearings can cost you more than $1500. But a mere transmission oil change to prevent damage to the gears costs only $10-20.

When doing regular maintenance, always check vital dirt bike parts. Of these, the bike’s brakes are one of the first things to check. Make sure the linings are still thick. If the metal is already showing or if the lining is already thin, replace the brake pad right away.

Important Dirt Bike Parts To Check

Now that the cost part is discussed let’s dive into the important bike parts that need to be checked on priority before every race. 

Suspension System

One of the parts that set dirt bikes aside from other motorcycles is its suspension system. Make sure that it is in top condition as the system takes the brunt of any ride. While stationary, push the bike down with all your strength and release. If the bike continues bouncing for a few seconds, you probably need new shock absorbers.


Another dirt bike part that you should check is the ignition. Just because the bike starts when you turn the key doesn’t mean that the ignition is not filthy. After washing the dirt bike, remove the ignition cover and check if there is no water in it. Also, check the electrical connections if they are corroded or dirty.

Depending upon the ignition damage (if any), you need to take a call to fix it yourself or take your bike to the mechanic. 

Grips and Levers

Grips and levers are some of the first parts of a dirt bike that will wear off. However, they are cheaper to replace than most other parts. Be sure to replace them because worn-off levers and grips can lead to accidents.

If you have parked your bike for a long time, check its carburetor. 

Fuel and Engine

Sometimes, fuel deposits can stay there, hampering the performance of the engine. It would be best if you let a professional do the maintenance.

The same goes for the engine. Although dirt and mud can easily be wiped off, you can never know the condition inside the engine. Periodically take your bike to the maintenance shop to have its engine overhauled and checked.

Wrapping Up

Dirt bikes usually operate in rough terrains. These conditions require a bike in top-notch condition, a rider who is physically and mentally fit, and protective gear like helmets and MX boots.

Although we advise you to do a thorough check-up of your bike before every race, some parts need to be checked on priority. From the engine to the brakes and suspension system, we have listed everything in this article.

With proper maintenance and check-ups, you can be assured that your dirt bike is always in top shape.

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