Avoiding Pet Odors in Carpet Successfully

Many pet owners find that they are in a losing battle when it comes to controlling the pet odors in their home, especially on carpets. However, it is also extremely important that you realize that you do not need to take a significant amount of time or trouble cleaning your carpets daily to avoid pet odors. For most pet owners, simply making a few small changes to the way that they handle their pets and carpets is enough to take care of the odors that could happen in the future.

Your first step to avoiding pet odors on carpet is to keep pets away from carpet, but considering that most homes have at least 1 or more rooms with carpet, this is not very easy to do. Instead, you must take some time to at least limit your pet’s interaction with the carpet if possible. Baby gates and even the more expensive pet gates are all effective tools for helping to keep pets out of restricted areas. If you have any real questions about the effectiveness of the pet or baby gate, you need to watch to see if your pet can get around them. Most smaller dogs are not able to get around them and this can be a huge help. However, for cats, a gate is not likely to be as effective.

You need to also ensure that you are regularly cleaning the carpet. This means keeping pet hair up and making sure that you empty the vacuum frequently so that it is the most effective. If you barely ever vacuum the area, you will find that pet odors start to build up much faster than you would like. A quick vacuum can be extremely effective in helping to limit the odors, plus it will also help you to make certain that there is not an excessive pet fur problem either.

Another suggestion to follow is not to allow your pet onto upholstery, bedding, or carpet if they are wet. Whether from a bath, playing in the rain, rolling in a puddle, or just being sweaty, this can help spread pet odors quite quickly. Always towel dry your pet before you allow it to get back onto any bedding, upholstery, or carpet to ensure that the wet pet odors are not transferred to another area. This takes only a few minutes to do but can save you a lot of time and hassle when you are trying to remove the odors.

You should also look for a special type of sealing cleaner for your carpets. This would allow you to quickly and easily remove all traces of the odors when they do occur because the carpet has a protective layer on it, which prevents it from actually absorbing the odors. This will help you to speed up the cleaning process significantly and make certain that you are not fighting with the cleaning process, but rather enjoying your time with your pet.

Small steps such as this will allow you to quickly and easily work towards getting the results that you are looking for, rather than struggling to control all of the pet odors in your home. Prevention is one of the best things that you can follow to effectively deal with pet odors.

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