The Baby Traveler: A Guide to Taking Your Newborn on Trips

It can feel like a mission to even get your little one out of bed and into the highchair, so the idea of a trip away might be far too daunting to even entertain. Well, you are not wrong to be wary of this kind of activity, but it might not be as impossible as you believe. Whether you are looking to venture interstate or overseas, let’s discuss what you should be considering and what hacks have provided parents with a little piece on the road or in the air.


Let’s start with strollers, car seats and carriers

It goes without saying that transport and traveling will be a lot easier if you set yourself up with quality strollers, car seats, and carriers. Brands like Cybex, and thousands more, have long been perfecting and designing equipment that is safe but also dynamic enough to be stowed in cars and planes. In addition to being safe, you want to look for brands that also bring some comfort to your little one who may not have the same excitement about travel as you. There can be a great price variation in these core items, so consider what you value most – saving some coin, or relying on a quality stroller that will make your day easier.


Stagger your travel where possible

Your first instinct will be to get this travel over with, like ripping a bandaid off, although there is another way you could keep your sanity during this venture. Staggering travel is a fantastic way to introduce your newborn to travel, without overdoing it and disrupting their schedule too much. If you have a long road trip ahead of you, consider a strategically timed hotel stay at your halfway point, so each of you can stretch your legs and your newborn can have a roll around and a break from the car. The same goes for flights. Longhaul is not worth it with a newborn, so have an extended layover so that you can get your bearings again.


Bring activities

Traveling with a newborn is really just an experiment to see if you can successfully entertain your baby for the required time. It’s a challenge, to say the least! Activities for your baby are really going to make this travel possible, so don’t find yourself without a variety of activities to entertain your little one. Storybooks, blocks, playdough, and dolls will go a long way in providing endless entertainment. It’s also an idea to package each activity in cloth, paper or reusable plastic – as sometimes this will entertain your little one more than the thing itself. Failing all else, know that you have the phone or tablet as an option – so don’t feel any shame in doing what needs to be done.


Comfy clothes

It can be tempting to bust out that sweet little outfit you have just bought the flight or road trip, but you will want to avoid any clothes that are not comfortable and have not been roadtested (so to speak) before. Your newborn is going to have a better chance of dozing off if they are in clothes that are comfortable and open to sleep. You and your partner can also heed this advice, as breastfeeding and changing will be a bit more manageable if you are prepared for these tasks.


Beyond these helpful tips, traveling with babies really is a baptism of fire, and once that all parents go through. Ask some advice from a couple of friends and family, as they might have a few hacks up their sleeves. You should also try and only travel in pairs, as doing this solo might not be worth the trip at all.

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