Bachelor Of Arts And Bachelor Of Science: Which Is Which?

For prospective students, choosing a college degree is not a walk in the park choice will set the path for their future careers and will be a critical factor that will shape the rest of their lives. And yet, some still struggle with the difference between a BA or BS degree when it comes down to picking one. The choice matters for many pupils, as the value of college degrees, is recognized in today’s modern society. So for today’s article, we will talk about Bachelor of the Arts, Bachelor of the Sciences, and all that is needed to know about them.

What Is A Bachelor Of Arts Degree?

      A Bachelor of Arts degree is a college program that provides students with a wide-ranging education, and it requires fewer credits linked to a specific major. Students can earn this degree in a plethora of subjects like art, math, humanities, and even science, and pursuing it gives them more flexibility in selecting courses that are outside of their field.

         It takes at least one hundred and twenty credit hours to finish a BA degree, with courses that focus on liberal arts, communications, history, and the like. Students have more freedom with course options that they will take to meet requirements and attain customized education that will help in reach their goals.

The common Bachelor of Arts degrees include:

  • Theater
  • Humanities
  • Communications
  • Modern and Classical Languages
  • Art
  • English
  • African American/American Studies
  • Music

What Is A Bachelor Of Science Degree?

      Meanwhile, a Bachelor of Science degree is a program that focuses more on the courses that students take with little to no room for variation whatsoever. A BS is more professional than its BA counterpart, and alumni can immediately start a career after attending school.

         It is mandatory to have a minimum of one-hundred eight quarter units to finish a BS, and those who take it put more effort into learning and developing technical and analytical skills.

         Some of the common Bachelor of Science degrees are:

  • Biology
  • Economics
  • Nursing
  • Business
  • Computer Science

What Sets The Two Apart?

      The first and most common difference between a BA and BS is that there are majors of focus that could be found in each field, and also extends to what students wish to do with their final degree. 

         The awarding institution also has a key role in the difference between the two. An academy can set policies for both programs before rewarding them to students, and these policies may once again differ from school to school.

         Students who take the path of a BA degree will set their sights and sharpen their skills in writing, language, and speaking, while those who take the BS route will hone their logistical and analytical skills as they move on with science and level math courses. If students want to aim higher and go for careers in the fields of engineering, medicine, and science, they should tackle a more advanced Bachelor of Science degree to climb up the ladder of these professions.

What Makes Them Similar?

      The most common similarity between a BA and a BS is that no matter which one student will undertake, they should take note that colleges and universities have different credit requirements for their programs, and the same goes for the costs of taking them and the needed hours to reach to receive a degree. Some institutes have career counselors who lend students a hand in picking the most appropriate degree while taking note of their skills, inclinations, talents, and interests.

         Another thing that makes them similar is that both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs offer subjects like accounting, business, and psychology. With that being the scenario, students can pick if they wish to tackle the firm approach of the BS route or the more diverse BA route. Some universities today are now even catering hard science degrees to Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs, giving students more opportunities to learn and play around with. 

Which One Should Students Take?

      Students will have to determine what career field they want to enter once leaving their colleges’ halls—and selecting whether or not to have a BA or BS will immensely depend if they would want to focus more on a specific field or experience a broader education like no other. 

         Those who are having difficulty deciding which one to have should do some research and answer the following questions:

  • What do they want?
  • What are they good at?
  • What to do in a specific field?

Students who are excellent in writing and the arts but find themselves struggling with higher mathematics and science levels can be comfortable and have a better home with a Bachelor of Arts degree. And for individuals who have interests in the sciences and work in math and science-related fields can go ahead and choose a Bachelor of Science degree.

One Final Word

      In the end, neither degree is better and supersedes the other. Both are equal in today’s educational standards and what sets them apart most of the time are the academies and institutions that offer the programs. Understanding the difference between them gives students the capability to know if the degree program is right for them or not.

Those who study need either or both to become professional and employable candidates in the coming times. If either a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Science degree meets students’ goals and needs, then taking them is out of the question. The debate still goes on today to determine if a BA is better than a BS, but this only shows that both programs are not taken for granted and are needed to have a more stable and educated society.

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