Top 5 Banquet Halls in Bangalore

Here’s where you should get married in Bangalore!

Choosing to get married in Bangalore has the main benefit of having pleasant weather all year long. The city is known for its ambient climate, green spaces, and traffic. Haha, not kidding at all. It offers so much good but this one thing can be a real pain and that is the traffic. Imagine being stuck in this madness and arriving late at your own wedding. 

That for sure was not how you planned it to be right? So here is a list of best 40 banquet halls in and around Bangalore for you to host your wedding festivities, the best in all aspects for you to get married along with the places to stay nearby so that you don’t end up having a bad experience with the city on your D-day.  Some of them are listed below:

1- Our top pick had to be The Palace Grounds. This entire lane has multiple banquet halls by different names like the Gayatri Vihar, the Princess Shrine, the King’s Court, white petals, Princess Green, and Sesh Mahal Palace. These banquet halls have seen some of the most luxurious weddings in the town. It’s slightly high on the budget so check your financial feasibility before wanting to book these banquet halls.

Location: The palace grounds, Bangalore 

Distance: around 6 km from the railway station and 33 km from the airport 

Facilities: Indoor & outdoor options, Decoration & catering services 

Capacity: Differs for each ground, up to 4500 max. 

Pros: Prime location, distance from the railway station. 

cons: apart from being high on cost, there is absolutely none.

palace grounds Bangalore

2- The Jayamahal Palace is another remarkable wedding venue in Bangalore. A true mark of heritage and luxury. It is also one of the oldest and most famous places in Bangalore. The white palace-like architecture makes fairytale-themed weddings easy to execute. 

Location: Jayamahal Palace, Bangalore

Distance: around 7 km from the railway station and 35 km from the airport 

Facilities: Indoor & outdoor options, Decoration & catering services 

Capacity: up to 1500. 

Pros: prime location, great ambiance 

Cons: again if your budget allows there is none other we see.

Jayamahal Palace Bangalore

3- The Tamarind tree is stealing the show with their weddings in south Bangalore. With multiple banquet hall options and top in-house teams, the place is gaining popularity as a wedding banquet hall. A five-acre garden surrounded by trees including the tamarind tree that the place is named after. It also has a natural pond, bandstand, some of the most beautiful pavilions, and open spaces. This is the place where the old meets the new. A perfect place to have a modishly traditional wedding. 

Choose from The pond pavilion, Gazebo & lawn, Vishnu mandapa, The heritage villa, and Atithishala for banquet options. You can also spread different events across different banquets. 

Location: Kanakapura Road, JP Nagar 9th phase. 

Distance: It is an hour and a half drive from the airport and an hour from the railway station 

Facilities: Indoor & outdoor options, photography, Decoration & catering services 

Capacity: up to 1000. 

Pros: breathtaking views, warm hospitality, lush green spaces 

Cons: distance from the airport. But since it is easily accessible and one time travel it shouldn’t be much of a problem.  

4- Alaya Happy Retreat is a place that prioritizes happiness over anything as the name says. A bright and cheerful banquet spread across 8 acres. Perfectly manicured lawns and magnificent canopies are the statement-making elements of this place. They have 2 spaces for wedding venues to choose from. A perfect location for a glamorous wedding reception in an outdoor arrangement. The property also has a 5 bedroom luxury villa, a marvelous waterfall, a huge amphitheater, and ample attractive zones to host various functions. 

Location: Tumkur Road, Bangalore 

Distance: around 30 km from the airport, 18 km from the railway station 

Facilities: lush green photogenic spaces, luxury villas, in-house catering 

Capacity: up to 800 floating guests

Pros: the scenic beauty of the place will get some amazing wedding pictures, feasible location near Tumkur road 

Cons: This space doesn’t offer any additional services like catering, DJ, or photographers but you can choose to bring your team offering the best of these services

5- The white field banquets located in the Whitefield area of Bangalore are the best ones in the vicinity. Located in the IT hub part of Bangalore, this banquet makes it convenient for anyone residing in this part of Bangalore. The place offers weddings and gatherings of all kinds, small or big. The huge chandeliers and grand curtains make this a perfect location to host royal wedding themes. This place also has a great advantage over others in terms of value-added services. The staff is courteous and well trained to take care of any number of guests. 

Location: Whitefield, Bangalore 

Distance: around 45 km from the airport, and 22 km from Bangalore railway station, however, Whitefield has its railway station, so you won’t have to go all the way and come back. 

Facilities: in-house catering, decorators, flexible DJ policy, alcohol permitted. 

Capacity: up to 2500

Pros: available for huge gatherings, location 

Cons: Non-availability of rooms, but there are a lot of hotels and lodging services nearby so it shouldn’t be a big concern anyway. 

This was the list of our favorite, trending banquet halls in Bangalore. Be it on Tumkur Road or kanakapura or even Whitefield, we have selected our favorite banquet halls from all around Bangalore so that you can save up on your time, resources, and mainly energy. So choose one and don’t forget to have fun!


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