Basic Horse Race Betting Tips For The Breeders’ Cup 2022

The Breeders’ Cup is the most significant event in the horse racing industry. It entices the biggest names in this particular sport from all over the globe to participate in its races. Not only that, but it also attracts hundreds of bettors to place their wages and test their chances of winning.

Breeders’ Cup: Brief Overview

The Breeders’ Cup is a 2-day event of elite horse racing. In the past years, it has highlighted horses from different areas worldwide. This includes the following:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Peru
  • Venezuela
  • England
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • United States
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Japan
  • South Africa

Horse owners and trainers do their best to prepare and upskill their horses for the most awaited horse racing event of the year. Winning at least one of these races is already considered a significant achievement.

In addition, winning can ensure a year-end reward and bragging rights and increase your horse’s value, especially if it’s time to breed. Because of this, the Breeders’ Cup comprises many races for horses. The race typically depends on sex, age, distance, and the horse’s preference (whether it likes to run on dirt or grass).

As mentioned earlier, the Breeders’ Cup lasts two days (Friday and Saturday). In those days, you will be able to witness 14 different types of horse races. Furthermore, Future Stars Friday highlights 2-year-old Thoroughbreds. On the other hand, Saturday Breeders’ Cup races focus on three years old or older Thoroughbreds.

Betting on The Breeders’ Cup

Betting on horses goes way back. It’s as old as the horse racing sport itself. In the 1980s, you were required to go to the off-track betting location to place your bets for the Breeders’ Cup. However, with modern technology, betting on horses has become more convenient, making it even more popular today.

If you’re an old soul, you can still experience going to the track, showing up at the teller, and placing your bet. However, legal online betting has significantly contributed to the horse racing industry. In fact, in 2019, it was found that more funds were betted on the internet for these championships.

Betting Tips You Should Consider

Several websites can provide you with all the critical information you need on betting on a specific horse. For example, TVG reflects breeders cup live odds, information on contenders, history of races, and other relevant information that can help a bettor. Besides this, it’s also best to consider the following tips:

The Jockey’s Experience

A competent bettor knows that focusing only on the horse is a significant mistake in horse race betting. If you’re new to this, it’s vital to remember that a jockey is a significant factor in the horse’s performance. With this, it would be best to look at several factors when researching a jockey.

First, it’s recommended to check the jockey’s history. Is the jockey active and in shape? Did they win any races recently? These are examples of questions you need to look into.

Second, it would be best to check the jockey’s experience. There’s a considerable chance that the jockey with no or less experience will lose. Furthermore, it’s always worth the bet if the jockey you chose to put your odds on has ridden with the horse for quite a long time and has already built a bond with it.

Horse’s Track Record

After evaluating the jockey’s experience, checking the horse’s track record is recommended. There are several pieces of information you’ll see when it comes to this factor. However, it would be best to focus on the horse’s history and experience with the track.

You should know if the horse has raced on the particular track before and see how much time the horse rests before the race begins. Knowing these can help you understand how the horse will perform during the race. Furthermore, since the Breeders’ Cup is conducted yearly, you can start your research as soon as possible to be prepared for your wagers.

Track’s Condition

Evaluating the track’s condition is also a significant factor regarding horse race betting. The track can change the game’s outcome without you even realizing it. For example, if the track is full of mud, it will affect the horse’s performance in the race, whether the horses are heavy-footed or light-footed.

Beaten Favorite

The beaten favorite is a system that you should also consider when betting. This system recommends betting on a favorite horse who lost during the previous game but has a spectacular winning streak.

The rationale behind this system is that even though the horse lost in the previous game, it’s still a great contender worthy of your bet. We can’t win all the time, which makes the loss a temporary flop. In addition, losing one game doesn’t mean you don’t have any chance to win again.

To Wrap It Up

Research is key to learning more about betting on the Breeders’ Cup. However, it’s not a secret that experience is a better teacher. Thus, it would be best to apply the tips above and test your chances of winning.

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