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Be Careful With Cornering

Most time the momentum in riding is lost to some degree when maneuvering at turns and taking corners. In order to avoid the loss, there would be a need to ensure the cornering techniques are well understood and mastered.

When approaching a corner, the rider should ideally be focused on what lies ahead, this making a good judgment call on the most suitable entry point for the corners. There should also be the need to be able to break rather roughly with the bumps having to be dealt with while concentrating on making the ideal entry line.



Standing up in the attack position will allow for a more efficient braking execution and also create the need for the legs and arms to take on some of the impact made from the bumps. Finishing the braking move in one smooth motion while taking the cornering position should be done with the inside leg out and forward to keep the weight in the front wheel area.

With the leg out weighting the front wheel, there should be as much weight as possible on the outside footpeg too as this will allow the flat and off-camber turn easily. The rider would need to remember a very important move when cornering in motocross and that would be to steady in and fast out motions where braking is held off as late as possible while still maintaining control of the bike. The fastest line through a corner will usually be a sweeping line across the apex which is similar to that of road racers. However, in this case, the line can leave the rider vulnerable to an inside pass form the rider behind.


Understanding the three basic styles of corners that are bermed, smooth and rutted will help the rider focus on deciding the best technique to use. While attempting a berm, it would be better to entre it on a high and then turn and drive down the face as the exit is executed. For smooth corners, the rider would have to shift the seating weight to avoid the bike from spilling over.

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