Beat the Summer Heat with these Coffee Drinks You Can Make at Home

With the summer around the corner, most coffee enthusiasts will find themselves wondering how to quench their thirst and cool off their bodies. Well, the traditional hot coffee would be inappropriate during this heated season, although iced coffee could be the refreshing summer drink that you yearn for. 

Beat Summer Heat with Coffee Drinks

Here are some coffee drinks that you should consider that will help you cool off during this heated period.

Raspberry Truffle Latte

If you are seeking a frozen drink to satisfy your thirst and kick start your day, the Raspberry Truffle Latte would be the ideal summer drink for you. The blended latte will satisfy your deepest craving for caffeine, and you can blend it using a variety of flavors. You will need a coffee maker to brew a mug of raspberry latte; therefore, it would be advisable to sample a few fast-cold brew coffee makers before you purchase one.

When selecting a coffee maker for the Raspberry Truffle Latte, you should consider the quantity you would want to brew, how fast the coffee maker brews a cup, and the number of filters that the coffee maker has. By considering these options, you will brew the flavor of your choice. Most Raspberry Latte enthusiasts prefer the vanilla and chocolate mix, however, feel free to try the different flavors available in the market.


If you are an enthusiast of Italian espresso, then you will find Affogato to be the right summer beverage. You make it by adding a shot of steaming espresso over a mug of gelato. Try some vanilla gelato for an added twist; most affogato enthusiasts tend to enjoy the twist claiming that it blends well with the espresso. You can, however, experiment with different types of gelato till you get the perfect blend you desire. Affogato is ideal for coffee enthusiasts who have a sweet tooth but yearn for a creamy dessert beverage that’s rich in coffee flavors.

Spirited Coffee

To blend a mug of spirited coffee, you will need some sweetened whipped cream, a cup of coffee, cinnamon, chocolate syrup, brandy, and an ounce of Kahlua. Place the ingredients in a blender, then blend for two minutes. Once you are done, pour the delicacy into a mug and it up with some whipped cream.

Espresso Tonic

Some people refer to Espresso tonic as a black tonic or cafĂ© tonic, and you can blend it at home by adding espresso to tonic water. The idea might sound crazy, although, once you take a sip, this will be your preferred drink for the entire summer season. As earlier stated, you make the cold drink by pouring espresso over artisanal tonic water. You will end up with a citrus flavor that’s lightly sweetened and it’s filled with some effervescence and a pinch of coffee flavor. For a beginner, consider pouring 2 ounces of espresso on top of 6 ounces of tonic water. Do this gently to prevent overflowing!

Espresso Tonic

Masons Iced Coffee

To blend a mug of the Masons Iced Coffee, you will need a cup of ground coffee, a strainer, and a coffee filter. Fill a container with cold water then add the ground coffee. Cover the container and allow it to rest for at least 13 hours. Place the strainer over the bowl and put the filter inside. You can add a twist to the coffee by adding milk and ice to create that chilling effect.

Cold Brew Coffee

You can make a cold brew coffee in the comfort of your home using the French press. All you need to do is steep the coffee grounds in chilled water for 10 hours without exerting pressure on the plunger; this way, you will extract condensed flavors. After the steeping process, you exert pressure on the French press and serve the cold brew with some ice cubes. You end up with a delicious and condensed cup of coffee, although it would be better if you spiced up the drink with some milk.

Summer Punch Blend

The summer punch blend comes in various grinds such as French press and pour over, and you can purchase any of the flavors at your local store. The summer punch blend adds a fruity twist to the mug, and it comes in numerous flavors such as floral, berry, citrus, and peach.

Chocolate Caramel Coffee Chiller

To make a mug of chilled coffee, you will need a cup of crushed ice, a cup of mocha creamer, chocolate powder, some cookies, whipped cream, and caramel syrup. Place all the ingredients in a blender, then blend it till it’s smooth. Pour the product into a mug and add some whipped cream and cookies.

With the summer’s heat, you will find yourself looking for ways to cool off, and a mug of iced coffee might be the right drink for you. The above drinks are some of the best recipes; therefore, you should consider blending one of them if not all this summer.

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