Beautify Your Kitchen with 5 Amazing Tips

Of all the passions and dreams you see about your home, having a pretty kitchen is one. No matter how spacious it is, if a kitchen is not clean and beautifully decorated, it will not look good. A kitchen is not just a place where you cook; it is a lot more than that. It is a reflection of your lifestyle and a determiner of your health too. In short, a kitchen is the very heart and soul of any home. Therefore, a kitchen should not be a bland and dull place with stoves and utensils all over no matter what.

Beautifying your kitchen is important and is not a very expensive task. All you need to do is to invest a little time and creativity, and your kitchen will automatically become the most beautiful corner of your home – a reflection of your happy lifestyle.

Here are some of the easiest amazing tips you can follow to beautify your kitchen in no time.

  • Cleanliness is half the beauty

If you are active enough to take notes of stuff like this, you will surely agree that if a kitchen is not taken care of properly and regularly, it will automatically look bad. The kitchen is probably the place of our home where we spread the maximum mess. We cook, and we eat there and spoil its tables with the leftovers and sometimes mistakenly drop oil pouches or uncooked flesh on to the floor. All the mess that is in a kitchen is usually inevitable, and you cannot avoid making your kitchen dirty.

However, what you can do is to take proper care of its cleanliness and neatness, which needs regular care and work. Make sure you wash your kitchen’s floor daily and clean all the shelves and cabinets as frequently as you can. Try to change the table mats often and keep your kitchen mopped with antiseptics and antibiotics.

Make sure that the small and unreachable corners also get clean because there are maximum debris and bacteria. Once a kitchen starts to stay neat and clean all the time, it would automatically look more beautiful and appealing.

  • Do not go too high on colors

I just visited a friend’s apartment the other day and, out of my fetish for kitchens, couldn’t hold myself from entering hers. It was in all ways a clean and spacious kitchen. The shelves were spotless, and even the insides of the cabinets were cleaner than you can imagine. However, there was an instant feeling of discomfort to my eyes as soon as I entered the kitchen. I couldn’t estimate what was it for but tried to work the reason out. The issue was something which surely will be in most of your kitchens too. It was too colorful. All the darkest and brightest shades of pink, red, orange, parrot green, and such colors could be spotted in my friend’s kitchen easily. She might have thought it would look cute to have a kitchen full of colors, but sadly, she was wrong. So many colors were too overwhelming and irritating to the eyes, and I would never suggest them if you want a beautiful kitchen.

It would be much better to keep it monochromatic, white & black, or simply in a light pastel tone. According to Home Stratosphere, “about 1.25% of all kitchens have an overall color scheme featuring red and associated colors.” Make sure to use the same color or just two coherent shades. Do not expect a beautiful kitchen by making it look like the paint’s palette.

  • Go Green

What is better to beautify your kitchen than to decorate it with the real nature itself?   Since it has small open-air settings on its backside, I have planted a lot of greenery there. I took all the empty Bed bug spray cans from my store, washed them properly, added soil, and planted different seeds in them. It took a few months and a little extra effort to let the seedlings grow. However, all of it was worth it when the plants finally grew and made the whole place freshly radiating green.

The green color has such an amazing aura that the whole backside of my kitchen has started to look better than even my lawn. This idea is surely going to work no matter what size your kitchen is. In case you don’t have an open air space, you can use one or two indoor green plants and place them on one side.

  • Use your shelves wisely

Shelves can do so much to beautify your kitchen than simply keeping things at a place only if you use them smartly. According to really smart, a shelf should be used in such a way that not even a single inch remains free. Moreover, adding a neutral wallpaper to the shelves can add the element of liveliness too.  Usually, a medium 16-boxes shelf is suitable for all the kitchens, only if it is used smartly.

  • Fill the walls a little bit

The walls of many kitchens I have seen are usually empty and bland, and this gives me some high level of discomfort. On the other hand, I have seen a few kitchens with walls that look less like walls and more like the rooms with an art exhibition going on. Try to stay in the middle of both these extremes when decorating the walls. Maybe a clock with a painting of two would do enough for a medium-sized kitchen, as has been suggested by home Dit.


To conclude, I would suggest you stick simply to your style and be minimalistic in your choices for kitchen décor at least. Do not go too much with colors and embellishments but also do not stay too simple. Try to explore the web for new ideas. Stay in the budget. Do no spend way too much but also don’t be as a miser who won’t even care to spend a single penny.

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