Beauty Essentials for Busy Ladies

If you have ever watched at least one YouTube makeup tutorial, you are already well aware that a plethora of products and steps go into creating that picture-perfect makeup or no-makeup makeup look that is worth thousands of Instagram hearts. It’s no wonder that the beauty industry is a $445 billion-worth one. Beauty is an expensive playground, but of course, beauty gurus own an amount of makeup that they will not be able to spend in three lifetimes.

They have to have the skinny on all the new launches because that’s part of their job description. We mere mortals just need to find our Holy Grail products, invest in them wisely, and end up looking like a million without actually spending a million, so let’s see how we can make that happen.

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It all starts with the skin

Your skin is your canvas and makeup goodies are the paint with which you will paint that canvas and enhance your features. However, to get all the paint, and by that we mean – foundations, concealers, blushes, bronzer powders, and highlighters, to sit perfectly on the canvas that is your skin, the canvas needs to be sparkling clean, smooth, and plump. This is why Instagram beauty gurus always invest in superb skincare products.

You can bet they did their research and picked the best acne treatment and anti-aging serum they could find; they’re also incredibly diligent when it comes to both their daytime as well as night-time skincare routine. If you’ve ever seen the likes of Desi Perkins, KathleenLights, and Tati without makeup, aside from the occasional darkness under the eyes and a blemish here and there – they are human after all – they still look flawless, their skin is plum, even-toned and radiant.

So, before you dive head first into Sephora, Ulta, and other similar stores with the sole purpose of filling up your shopping basket with the newest makeup goodies, you might want to take the time to examine the needs of your skin, determine your concerns as well as skin type and put your money in great skincare products. You see, once your skin is perfect from the get-go, playing with makeup looks will be a joy rather than a struggle, so bear that in mind.

When topical solutions only go so far

Yes, it’s true, pricey and high-quality skincare products can do great things, but there is a limit to their miraculousness. After that, you must be willing to invest in a procedure or two. For instance, NikkieTutorials has been quite frank about getting lip injections. Tati and Desi undergo laser treatments and pay regular visits to spas to pamper and rejuvenate their skin. They aren’t skin care experts, so they put their face in the hands of those who are in the know, if you want that glass skin and perfect complexion, you will eventually have to pay a visit to a trusty dermatologist.

The inextricable bond

Beauty busy ladiesPhoto by STIL on Unsplash

Every physician in the world will tell you that there is an inextricable bond between what goes in the body and what shows up on the skin. Almost every beauty guru has a figure that is to die for. Genetic predisposition will only get you so far and then enter a strict exercise routine and a commitment to a healthy dietary lifestyle. Yes, life is hectic and most of us have little to no time to cook healthy and delicious meals that will get us both those Instagram worthy skin and body goals.

That’s why we have such amazing and convenient services as Gym Food Australia that prepare and deliver customized meals to your door. You can book daily, weekly, or even monthly deliveries and never again let lack of time get in the way of healthy nutrition and subsequently amazing skin.

Time to play

makeup looksPhoto by STIL on Unsplash

You probably already have your favorite Instagram makeup diva that you follow almost religiously and want to copy every one of her makeup looks. Now, some Instagram beauties are more into that low-key effortless beauty, and that is easy to achieve. When they apply their red lip and just a coat of mascara and a sheer face and body foundation, you know you can do the same. When it comes to more intricate makeup looks, this is the time to go shopping and then start developing mad makeup skills.

Beauties such as Desi and particularly Nikkie are all about dramatic eye and full-coverage looks, false lashes, brows, and the whole shebang. Now, there are two ways to go about shopping for goodies. You can either decide to take the plunge and head to the high-end stores or watch their reviews and monthly favorites because they always mention tons of drugstore brands that are the perfect high-end dupes and that sometimes even give better results than over-hyped luxury items.

When it comes to applying makeup and mastering the techniques, bear in mind that even the Instagram beauties weren’t born with mad skills and that their mastery was developed over a great deal of time and endless practice, so sticking with practice makes perfect and you will get there. Just don’t get frustrated if you don’t succeed the first or even the fifth time. A great blend takes time and patience, so be patient and persistent.

Once you’ve mastered it all

You may already be aware of this phenomenon: you achieve a great makeup look that is exactly what you wanted, but when you take a selfie all your efforts are virtually invisible. The camera never does real-life justice, at least not without proper lighting. So, if the final Instagram snap is truly important to you, you will have to make one final investment.

We’re not saying you need to create the perfectly lit studio that most Instagram stunners have, but a ring light will do the trick. You can find great ones at a fairly reasonable price and then all that’s left to do is find your perfect angles because aside from the light, it’s all about the angles baby.

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