5 Steps To Become A Successful Video Streamer

Beginning to stream live on your streaming channel is a good path to a successful business – both in terms of earnings and popularity gain.

Beginning to stream live on your streaming channel is a good path to a successful business – both in terms of earnings and popularity gain.

Live video is much more attractive than reading a blog, for example, and also than a recorded video, and the live streaming market is nearing a value of $70 billion. People love to see others live, rather than in pre-recorded videos.

Maybe it’s too soon to call it the future, but at least for the present, live streaming is a continuously growing trend. So if you are planning to create your live stream video or do a live streaming event, you must know the essential equipment required for live streaming; seek help at Epiphan to learn these necessary tools and understand how live streaming goes.

And the best (and easiest) part of becoming a successful video streamer is that you can live stream online if you have an Internet connection and a mobile device. That’s pretty much all there is needed to actually start in this business.

To move beyond the starting line – well, that is another story.

So, how do you become a successful video streamer? Here are five steps that will help you:

. Know what you want to stream about

The first step is to know perfectly what you want to stream about. Some want to stream to raise awareness of their business and thus increase revenues, while others want to tell a story and share what they know.

Then, you have to choose the streaming platform that suits best your purpose. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the most popular, but if you think another is better, go for that one. Also, together with choosing the platform, be careful with choosing the software you will use.

All these build-ups to the next thing to take into account – the niche you want to address. Some do live streaming about video games, while others go for niches such as different products (gaming, food & drink, music), or even casino streaming. Casino streaming has a huge growth potential, more and more people prefer to watch and enjoy the winnings obtained from games such as Live Roulette, Baccarat, or Online Poker.

. Create a plan and stick to it

All that we discussed at the first step may sound like a very good plan. But there is much more than this. You will have to create interesting content that is worth watching.

Then, determine precisely which will be the length of the videos. In doing this, mind the content you want to share and prepare it before the broadcast. When choosing the right content you want to deliver, keep in mind that live streaming is happening right now.

Also, part of the plan is to stick to a regular schedule. This is a must for live video streaming,  because the viewers choose consistency. Offer fresh content frequently and avoid disappearing for some time after streaming.

Last, but not least, it is very important to know what you want your audience to do. And this leads us to the next step.

. The interaction with the viewers

An extremely important part of live streaming is how you interact with the viewers. It is hard to attract, build and maintain an audience. And this is because people have so many options to choose from, so standing out is a must to build and maintain that audience.

The interaction with the viewers is a perfect way to maintain that strong relationship. By doing this, you will know the topics which they prefer.

The first thing to do after the beginning of the live session is to welcome and greet the viewers. You can then go to the point of the video stream, or begin asking questions and respond to them.

After getting to know each other at least a bit, you can encourage the interactions and the live comments, while responding to some of them. Asking questions, speaking with the viewers, and continuing to answer their questions is a perfect way to create a bond and make them engaged.

. How to close a live streaming

To make them want to come back for more videos, make sure you close the streaming thanking everyone for their interest and subscriptions, and also sharing the public social media accounts with your followers. In this way, they can follow you on other topics also, especially if the impression after that streaming was a good one.

Also, you can review and then summarize the topic of the discussion, and mention again the call-to-action.

One more thing they will for sure like is if you mention as many names as possible, especially those posting their comments and questions.

. What to do after the live session

After closing the live session, make sure that you save and share your video, and also catch up with all the comments and especially unanswered questions.

While doing so, it would be helpful to analyze your overall performance and ask for feedback. In the end, check your stats and also your sales (if the case) to have a clearer image of the effect your live session had.

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