Beginner Tips for the Electric Guitar

Playing the guitar is popular among a broad range of people, more so than any other musical instrument. Whether you’re interested in creating your own music or you just want to do something productive during your free time, the guitar could be an excellent opportunity for you.

The two main options are acoustic and electric – both of which are great and have their own benefits. While it is generally more common for people to go for acoustic, there’s nothing wrong with the alternative. In fact, you may even find that it’s better suited to what you want from your own unique musical journey.

Something like playing the electric guitar can be fun and exciting, yet also quite daunting to those who are still new to the instrument. This is why it’s often well worth learning more about why you should consider learning to play it, as well as a few tips that could help you out along the way if you choose to learn.

Why give the electric guitar a try?

Before looking at some tips, it might be a good idea to first explain why you should pick this instrument. There are several reasons why it’s well worth learning to play this type of guitar – and just a few of those include:

An electric guitar can be easier to learn

In some cases, those who struggle with the mechanics of playing guitar will give up, but there are plenty of things that make it easier for a beginner who’s starting off with an electric one. These instruments tend to have a thinner neck and lighter strings, which can make learning to play far simpler and more comfortable for those who aren’t accustomed to fretting chords like a professional.

If you’re interested in the electric guitar, you should play it

So many people think (or are told) that they have to start off on an acoustic model before they can move on to electricity. While some people find it to be easier to learn the basics of an acoustic instrument, some people just simply won’t enjoy it as much as they would if they were playing an electric model instead. Doing something you don’t like is likely to result in giving up or just not feeling as into it. If electric guitars inspire you, it might just be the perfect instrument to start with.

You can control the volume easily

Some people have the misconception that electric guitars are louder than acoustic ones – and while they can certainly be louder, they can also be much quieter, too. Electric guitar amps have an adjustable volume which makes tailoring the noise much easier – and better yet, there are many amps that have a headphone jack to allow you to keep the music limited to your ears only. This is ideal for those who live in apartments or with their parents and overall makes it far easier to practice without bothering anyone else.

Tips for aspiring electric guitar players

There are a number of things that could help you on your journey to becoming a good guitar player; especially if you’re aiming to use an electric model. Here are some great tips that you should definitely keep in mind as you begin learning more about playing this instrument:

  • Find your ideal beginner electric guitar (there are loads of great options!)
  • Make sure you get the right equipment and gear:
    • A good quality strap
    • A guitar amp (and instrument cable)
    • Guitar tuners
    • Guitar picks (ideally between 0.65 and 0.73)
    • A guitar capo
  • Listen to some of your favorite songs/musicians that use electric guitars
  • As you may have heard before, practice makes perfect – and this is especially true with both acoustic and electric guitars
  • If you get the chance, jam with other musicians
  • Use tools like a metronome to help you out with timing
  • Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and have fun with it

While far from all the tips that could help you out with playing the electric guitar, these are all things that you could benefit from.

The most important tip of all:

Learn everything you need to know from an expert. It’s possible to learn by yourself, but having that extra help could make a huge difference to your journey and growth as a guitarist. You don’t even need to go to physical lessons – you could easily find out everything you need to know online.

If you take a look at the internet, you’ll find that there are many different courses out there that could help you. From learning the chords to more advanced lessons; you’ll find that there is a broad range of great choices just waiting for you.

Check out All Stringed if you’re interested in seeing expert reviews on some of the best-known guitar learning courses, programs, and resources out there for both acoustic and electric options.

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