Benefits Of A Wine Subscription

Who doesn’t love a nice glass of wine after a long day? Or a glass of wine after a short day? Or just a day? Or better still, who just likes wine, period? Some people are well-versed in all things wine and love to buy different bottles to figure out what they like. While others have no idea where to start and are hesitant to try. Whether you fancy yourself a wine connoisseur or you only like a glass before bed, you may want to consider joining a wine club.

1. Wine

The main reason to join a wine club is, well, the wine of course. A wine club is a great way to try the many different wines that are out there. If you are well versed in wine, you may be introduced to one that you have never heard of or one you never thought about trying. Or if you want to learn more about wine or are still trying to figure out what you like, a wine club is a good place to start.

These wines aren’t your typical bottles. Depending on the club, the wines you receive will be picked based on your taste. If you know what you like, some clubs will let you pick between red wines and white. Or if you like a mix, you can pick that too.

If you have no idea what you may enjoy, some clubs will ask you questions and then curate a list of wines based on your answers. This way, you can try a few different wines and figure out your palette. Do you like sweet wines? Dry? Some wine clubs will even give you notes on the wines being sent to you and the best way to drink them.

2. Discounts

The second reason to join a wine club is the discounts. Who doesn’t love buying something at a reduced price? Knowing you got it on sale somehow makes it taste better. The bottles you get from a wine club aren’t the 5 dollar bottles you find at the liquor store or Walmart. No, the price of these bottles starts in the double digits. Anywhere from $16 to over $100.

If you are sent a bottle that you have to have more of, then you have the option of buying extra bottles. Wine clubs sell many of the bottles that come in monthly boxes at discounted prices. Where if you try to find it in a store you may have to pay full price. You may also be able to get a discount by buying multiple bottles at once.

3. Rare Bottles

Another great thing about wine clubs is finding rare bottles. If you are a wine enthusiast, you may be on the lookout for rare bottles to add to the collection. Some wine clubs may have access to such bottles and offer them to members for a nice price. Or they may have a rare vintage of the month and allow members to purchase the bottle to accompany their membership box.

4. Adjustments

A great thing about wine clubs is the ability to make adjustments. For example, if you get a bottle that you didn’t like and couldn’t finish, you may be able to have another bottle sent to you. Like if you got a red and white whine membership and after a few bottles of red, you’ve discovered you aren’t a fan of red wine.

You could replace those red bottles with white and change your membership to better suit your taste. The same could be done if you’ve had a few dry bottles of wine and find you prefer sweet. A wine club allows you to adjust your boxes to fit your taste.

A wine club is ideal for anyone who loves wine, wants to discover new wines, or someone who is trying to figure out what type of wine they like. It is a great way to discover your taste at a reasonable price. There are many wine clubs out there and you should be able to find one that meets your preferences easily.

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