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7 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Would it sound logical if one had weight problems and you suggested to them that the solution lies in increasing their fat ingestion in the name of coconut oil?

Of course, it is common knowledge that gaining weight is a natural result of accumulated fat in the body due to excess intake or poor metabolism.

Ironically, there is everything to smile about if someone recommended coconut oil as a genius way to lose weight; whether used as cooking oil, for baking, making popcorn, or even directly as part of your daily beverage. This works like magic.

From the outset, it is imperative to note that coconut oil mainly comprises a lauric acid, meaning it is a medium-chain saturated fatty acid (MCT), which, unlike long-chain types, it is not stored as fat in the body.

May we now explore how this phenomenal type of fat works to help reduce weight?

Here are the top 7 proven health benefits of coconut oil:

Increased Metabolism

Coconut oil is also referred to as metabolism-boosting fat. So when used in your diet, it helps to boost energy levels by increasing the body’s energy requirements.

Remember, the human body does not store MCT fats once they pass through the digestive system; instead, the lauric acid goes straight to the liver. Here, it is converted into energy increasing the basic body temperature hence accelerated burning of other fats.

Low Appetite and No Cravings

Weight gain is all about the balance between “calories in” and “calories out” so if one can cut down on what they take in then there lies a genius way to lose weight. Coconut oil, taken a few minutes before a meal, reduces cravings for other foods that potentially add to the total body calories.

Once broken down for energy by the liver, one of the by-products is ketones which are appetite inhibitors, helping boost the body energy hence the diminished body desire for food.

Disappearance of Belly Fat

This is the solution to chronic diseases because belly fat is the fat stored around organs and therefore its loss means lower chances of organ-related complications. Rubbing raw coconut oil on the belly flattens the stomach, cleaning up the body of this fat.

In the end, it guarantees a functionally sound heart and a healthy individual.

Tips: Common Mistake To Avoid When Reducing Belly Fat

Better Hormonal Balance

Hormones are essential to body function regulators. Coconut oil helps the body to break down cholesterol in the blood into a biochemical known as Pregnenolone to stimulate the production of hormones while producing extra energy for all body organs to function at their optimum.

Sexual Libido

Surely, how does fat ingestion have a bearing on one’s libido? This is how. Coconut oil, as previously, explained, increases energy levels, balances hormones and so body organs function at their best. It means that with hormones balanced and increased energy expenditure, the body produces enough sexual hormones to increase sexual libido. You can use a libido supplement that is both safe and effective.

Of course, the connection between sex and weight loss could not be better explained than the fact that sex as an exercise can help one lose up to 300 calories in single intercourse.

Reduced Hunger

People who have coconut oil in their breakfast diet would call for their lunch after an extended period of time than they would without the fat. This is because of the high energy produced by the body as a result of higher metabolism, which burns other fats in the body.

It is further explained that coconut oil boosts the absorption of nutrients and vitamins that help one’s overall wellbeing as a result of efficient regeneration of cells for maximum brain functioning.

Stabilized Blood Sugar

Blood sugar is in the form of insulin produced by the pancreas to fuel body functions. Coconut oil enhances the efficient absorption of nutrients without the body not having to necessarily produce digestive enzymes. The result is the generation of enough insulin to give the body more energy to perform functions including working out longer.

This extended session means extra calories burnt in the process culminating in weight loss.

So to conclude things up, what is the best coconut oil to buy for your weight loss routine?

It is recommended for one to buy organic or natural virgin coconut oil and different territories or geographical regions would bear different names. It is therefore advised that one should check out for the ingredients or ask the store owner or vendor to explain to you which would be the best brand to go for. Several online stores, including Amazon, also have a good variety of brands to select from.

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