Benefits Of Having A Laptop Over A Desktop

In the early days, you had to use a stationary desktop computer to carry out any activity that required a computer. However, the introduction of portable devices has made life much easier. The early versions of the laptop produced during the PC revolution were heavy and bulky. But at the same time, they had specific performance aspects that only favored the elite and business people.

We are glad to say that a few changes have been witnessed, and now laptops have shifted the paradigm. When deciding whether to buy a desktop or a laptop, consider some of the benefits a laptop would get you compared to a computer.

1. Information Is One Click Away

While you are away from home, either traveling or working, you might need to access some information. A laptop can give you access to plenty of information within a few minutes. For example, if you were expecting an important email or update, you have to take it out of the case or backpack, turn it on, and connect to the internet.

Within a nick of time, you will be getting your updates. You can also visit a website at any time to look for crucial information at a glance.

For instance, if you like online casinos, all you have to do is get hold of your laptop and look at your browser for the best South African online casinos. You will get results within seconds, and you can scroll to find the best casino for you. Most of the casino sites posted are secure, and player safety is guaranteed.

Additionally, customer support is user-friendly, and there are many channels you could use to air out your concerns. Although all of these can now be done on a smartphone even playing games such as slots, you can’t cross out the convenience of playing or working on a wider screen and a physical keyboard.

2. Easily Portable

Owing to their compact sizes, laptops can be easily carried from place to place in a backpack or laptop case. This is one factor that gives them a convenience factor that allows them to use it anywhere they are. Gone are the days when you would have to worry about late work submission or missing an important event.

On the other hand, desktops require you to set up different components to make them operational. In addition, most desktops require a constant location, and moving around with them would be very unsettling. So do not get tied down in the house by your desktop when you can use a laptop.

3. Assembling Is Straightforward

Laptops take a shorter time to start, and this makes them better user-friendly devices. For example, if you are traveling with your laptop, you only have to take it out of your bag and switch it on. Within a short while, it will be activated, and you can proceed to use it.

On the other hand, you might need a few more minutes to connect all the cables when you look at the desktop. This will take much of your time that you would have spent doing other things. It is also worth noting that laptops will only need smaller spaces compared to desktop computers.

4. Efficient Power Usage

The laptop has a reasonable power usage scale when comparing the power consumption between a laptop and a desktop computer. It is built using minimal components that need the least amount of power to stay on.

They also have batteries that will come in handy when you cannot connect to a power source or when the system unintentionally shuts down. For desktop computers, you might suffer in case of a power outage, resulting in losing all your files if prior saving had not been done.

5. Smaller Dimensions and Weight

The average weight is approximately 2 or 3 kilograms meaning that carrying them is much easier even with one hand. On the other hand, desktops are built bulky and with heavy CPUs and Monitors, and even two hands are not easy to carry.

This factor makes the laptop seem heavy to carry around or even move around when you want to switch its position. You can use your laptop on your bed, on a street bench, or even as you travel. We cannot say the same for desktop computers for reasons we all know.

6. Single Cord Usage

A desktop requires various cords that need to be connected from one place to the other to make it functional. You first need a power cable to connect the laptop to a power supply point, and you will also need video and audio cables to connect the CPU to the monitor. There are also additional cables that would be needed as you use the equipment.

However, for laptops, you only need a power cable to keep your laptop active or recharge it. You can also connect your laptops directly to printers instead of running up and down with a transfer memory stick.


Everyone has their technological preferences, and they opt to settle on features that would assure them superior functionality. Laptops are still here to stay, but desktops are becoming less common as new devices pop up in the market. As a result, you are presented with many parameters that would help you make proper purchase decisions.

Even though it seems that desktop computers are going out of style, there are still many people who prefer them. They still give the classic outlook of professionalism and performance. If you want a seamless operation, the laptop is the better option for you.

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  1. I always prefers to have a laptop during my journey to anywhere and i love to use while my journey.

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