Benefits of Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Have you ever wondered why people say Jamaican castor oil is good for you?

Experts recommend Jamaican castor oil because it is rich in omega-9 fatty acids which make the skin sustainably healthy.

More often than not, natural remedies like Jamaican castor oil are regarded as an effective treatment for skin and hair problems. This is primarily because Jamaican castor oil is not packed with any side effects.

Furthermore, Jamaican Black Castor oil is globally adored for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. You can readily use this castor oil for the treatment of skin conditions.

Here are more health benefits of this castor oil:

Promotes Hair Growth

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Jamaican castor oil is its ability to speed up hair growth.

It mainly consists of ricinoleic acid which is responsible for enhancing blood circulation in the scalp. This, in turn, results in hair growth and re-growth.

Interestingly enough, Jamaican soil oil is also geared with vitamins that are essential in the nourishment of the scalp.

Keep in mind that a well-nourished scalp strengthens the hair and prevents it from thinning.

Take some oil and rub it through your hair from the roots to the tips. Leave the oil in for at least 15 minutes to ensure effectiveness.

Bear in mind that castor oil has a thick concentration. This is why you should avoid using too much oil.

Jamaican castor oil for acne treatment

Acne is notorious when it comes to negatively affecting your appearance and confidence.  The good news is that Jamaican castor oil is an effective acne treatment.

To use this for acne, simply clean your face using Jamaican castor oil. Use steamed water and a clean washcloth.

Start by pouring your Jamaican castor oil on your palm, and warm it by rubbing your fingers. Then, rub it gently on your face. Slowly massage it on the areas where you have acne.  Get your clean washcloth soaked into the hot water, squeeze, and use the moist washcloth to gently wipe the oil from your face.

Additionally,  this will remove the grime and dirt from your face. After the entire process, you may feel increased tightness in your skin. This is because your skin is regaining its elasticity.

Try this treatment two times a week to experience better results.

Relieves chapped lips

Chapped lips are common, especially during winter. Luckily, Jamaican Castor oil can help relieve this condition.

You will need 1 tbsp of beeswax, five drops of any type of essential oil, 3 tbsp of Jamaican castor oil, and 1 tbsp of butter.

Simply mix all the ingredients, excluding the essential oil. Next, pour hot water into a container, preferably a bain-marie, and slowly cook the mixture. After a while, you will notice a consistency in the mixture. This is the time to take it off the heat and pour in the drops of essential oil.

Pour this into an empty lip balm container, then you can apply it safely on your lips after the mixture has cooled.

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