Benefits of Moving to a Cloud Call Center

With the advent of new cloud service models, call centers are now moving to the cloud. Given the enormous benefits offered by cloud-based contact centers, this trend is certainly not surprising. Cloud contact centers offer many business benefits, from huge savings on initial investments in technology and infrastructure to lower ongoing maintenance costs.

The development and enlargement of a company’s business inevitably lead to the need to create an on-premise call or contact center department, designed for the efficient processing of telephone calls from customers and the most informative answers to their questions. Having real-time call center reporting and analytics is critical in maintaining top of the line metrics.

Ten years ago, it was necessary to put up with this state of things, and it was possible to change it with the advent of cloud technologies and their rapid spread to all IT areas. And now, if the contact center created by the company does not keep pace with the growth of the business, which is accompanied by an avalanche-like increase in customer calls, then the decision to switch to cloud-based contact center service is self-evident.

The use of the cloud will free from new capital costs and, at the same time, provide modern functions and services (and subsequently – their updates and modernization). To reduce the amount of idle time each agent experiences, blended call center solutions from Voiptime come to the aid. A blended call center allows for running outgoing call campaigns and receiving incoming phone calls for the same agent team and is capable of both inbound and outbound call operations.

Reasons to Choose a Cloud Call Center

A modern cloud-based call center allows you to solve three main tasks that contact centers face, which are especially important now, in times of crisis: improving the quality of service, maintaining staff, and reducing costs. The tasks are very heterogeneous. However, they are completely solvable by cloud technologies.

Consider the six main reasons why you should choose a cloud call center.

Reduction in Capital Expenses

The use of cloud technologies makes the business more flexible, allowing it to grow in an unstable market environment. Thus, capital expenses are reduced, operating costs of the company become predictable, and cloud technologies allow you to grow your business without significant investments:

  • Companies are cutting back on hardware and software upgrades;
  • The model of actual payment for services is used, which optimizes operating expenses;
  • Financial risks are reduced;
  • There is an opportunity to quickly respond to changing business tasks, and not be a hostage to long-term investments;
  • In essence, a cloud call center allows you to pay only for the number of required operators and additional services that are used by your company.

Quick Implementation

Compared to on-premise call centers, cloud services are very quick and easy to put into operation. If earlier, from the decision to implement a call center solution to the beginning of its work, a minimum of 30 days passed, now the whole process, taking into account the installation and configuration of the system, takes two business days (or a maximum of one week for complex business processes).

A cloud call center not only reduces the risks, timing, and cost of the system but also provides flexibility to the sales and customer service departments.

Business Expansion

Cloud call center software allows you to benefit from omnichannel communication, and standardize the customer experience in all communication channels (like web chats, chat-bots, etc.). This function unties the hands of the business, allowing maneuvering in unstable market conditions without financial loss.


Cloud technology allows you to adjust the number of operators based on the current needs of the business. You connect and disconnect as many agents as you need right now and pay for their actual work.

Cost-Effective Platform

In standard contact centers, significant funds are spent on ensuring the reliability of their work, in particular, on the reservation of IT personnel, software, and equipment maintenance. Cloud call center solutions allow you to save while maintaining a high degree of reliability because all of the obligations your service provider undertakes. This way, you get a faultless solution at no extra cost.

Truly Cloud Service

You can use a real cloud call center software with all the advantages of its functionality. You are provided with a high level of service, excellent quality of work, and ease of operation.

In the case of the correct setup of the call center, working on the principle of cloud technology, you can count on the highest results. Well-functioning processes, even in the short term, have a positive effect on increasing profits, improving the relationship of consumers and partners to the brand, and growing the customer base.

Using the described technology will be useful to all companies without exception. The fact is that the benefits mentioned above can be taken advantage of by a small online store, taxi service, bank, insurance company, government agencies, and many other services and structures.

Everyone will find for themselves the virtues of data synchronization, remote control, accurate information storage, and control over the call center operation. A cloud call center solution will solve all these problems.

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