Benefits of Offering Laundry Services In-House

Running a hotel is a demanding business that is done in a highly competitive market. With tourism on the rise due to cheaper travel options, hoteliers have their hands full with creating the best possible service. However, one of the burning questions in the industry is how to organize the workload and do it with minimum expense.

Because of this, many hotels use outsourcing like subcontracting laundry services from another company. But guests are not the only ones depending on this service since all the linens, uniforms, and other types of fabrics depend on the laundry service. When observed like that, it seems that the benefits of offering laundry services in-house are far greater than outsourcing it to another company.

Faster service

Hotel business depends on bookings and schedules, but sometimes unpredicted can happen. You might receive an unexpectedly large party of guests and that means you always have to be ready for extreme situations. But if your timing is dictated by the outsourced laundry service, then you might be in trouble and have to turn down profit such a large crowd would bring.

In-house laundry service allows you to regularly have a batch of fresh and clean linens so all rooms are prepared for guests even when they are not officially booked. You will serve your guests better and even build a trustworthy brand from your hotel which may turn into a franchise one day.

Improved quality control

When you outsource a job you trust the quality, but you can hardly do anything to control it. Changing a laundry company when unsatisfied is one of the solutions, but you may be left with a lack of choice especially in a low-competition market. But in-house laundry service allows you to not only control the quality but also to regularly improve it.

Monitoring how the job is done is one of the crucial measures to detect issues and correct them. And this kind of freedom is not available with subcontracted laundry services. And if there are any dissatisfactions or suggestions on the work, you can immediately tell your staff and correct them.

Improved quality control

You make the decisions

If you have specific requests for your laundry, the chances are that an outsourced laundry service may not be able to fulfill them or would at a higher price. But when you have an in-house laundry service, you make all the decisions. This can include switching to eco-friendly detergents and performing daily tasks rather than a couple of larger ones over the week.

Another important aspect here is that you can communicate with your staff and see what they need to do a better job. Providing them with means to do their jobs more efficiently, your hotel will improve its service and productivity.

It’s cost-effective

Just like with any business, you will have to invest in equipment like laundry trolleys, driers, washers, and irons, to name a few, to offer in-house laundry service. Also, you will have to perform personnel training and regular supply of detergents, softeners, and other cleaning products. This is all a big investment in the beginning, but cost-effective in the long run.

You will very quickly notice the decrease in costs for the laundry service when compared to the expenses of outsourcing. Additionally, hotel guests will pay for the cleaning and ironing service which will cover some part of the expenses.

Gives you flexibility

When you outsource work, there is always a matter of syncing your schedule with the other company. This can be very problematic for a hotel, especially during peak season when fresh linens, towels, and tablecloths are the most needed. It will all reflect on your business and even get you bad reviews which can seriously affect your revenue and reputation.

However, offering services in-house will not only provide you with a steady supply of clean laundry but also improve your efficiency.  In-house laundry service will give you the much-needed flexibility to organize your work to gain the maximum satisfaction of your guests.

Gives you flexibility

Final thoughts

When you are responsible for more than one operation, it’s best to have them all under control if possible. The benefits of offering laundry services in-house are the best example of that. It offers flexibility which is crucial for unexpected events in the hotel business, while at the same time saving money. Now, it may seem like a big business investment, but it’s a sound one that will pay off very quickly through efficiency and productivity.

Mike is an Australian business consulting specialist. He’s working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business, and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.

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