Benefits of Purchasing a High Quality Bong

The quality of our bong directly influences the quality of the smoking experience. It’s pretty simple then, that a high-quality bong results in the highest quality of smoke and high, whereas cheaper and less expensive bongs provide more of an average result.

Most experienced cannabis connoisseurs know well and understand the reasoning behind why a high-quality bong is worth the extra chunk of change, but if you are somewhat new to cannabis and the act of smoking, you should have no reason to fully understand what makes the smoke out of a nice bong so much better and healthier for you, so stick around to find out!


The Quality of Glass

A bong by definition is any smoking pipe that incorporates the use of water, so yes, bubblers and all other water pipes are all technically considered to be a ‘bong’. Because of this vast definition, the current bong marketplace is flooded with bongs that are pumped out with cheap glass or other synthetic materials. 

Some of these other materials include silicone, ceramic, metal, and wood. Manufacturers love pumping these out in high quantities using a machine, and consumers choose these materials because the pipes are often cheaper and they are durable.

But when it comes to a high-quality bong, the only way to really fall under this category at all is if your bong is handmade from glass. Other materials have been known to slowly shed off dangerous materials into the smoke, especially cruddy plastic bongs, so glass is the safest material to smoke from as there are absolutely no other toxins. 

Then you must go even further than this and begin to compare the quality of the glass itself because high-quality glass bongs are made from a much higher quality glass versus other counterparts. The glass that high-quality bongs are made from is a type known as “Borosilicate Glass”.


Borosilicate glass is awesome and loved by the cannabis community for two main reasons:

It can resist cracking due to high temperatures from smoking, and it is also a much thicker and stronger glass to prevent breaking!

High-quality glass provides you with the safest smoke, durability, and longevity in your piece.

If you are looking for a really fun way to have multiple high-quality bongs all in one, then check out the customizable modular bong from Vitae Glass. Their pieces are all made from nonporous borosilicate glass for quality, and you can completely build the bong to your exact liking from the base up! This allows you to add extra percolators, chambers, ice catchers, etc for the best smoking experience, and they are also really easy to clean to further maintain their high quality. 


Preserving the Taste of Flower

Cannabis connoisseurs find the taste of the flower to be an extremely important aspect of a buds smoking profile and overall personality, and it is agreed upon that out of all of the pipes to exist, a good bong is the best way to recognize and enjoy these flavors!

Bongs feature the incorporation of water into their design so that the smoke is filtered before inhalation. This means that a lot of the thick, bad tasting, heavy and hot particulate matter is taken right out of the smoke. The water also cools the smoke down, especially if your bong features an ice catcher and the result?

The smoke is a definitive representation of the bud of which you have combusted!

Because the smoke is clean and cool, the flavor profiles of the cannabis really showcase themselves, and trying to pinpoint these tastes is a really enjoyable part of a smoke session with a high-quality bong.

Other, lower quality bongs will not feature the same amount of filtration as a high-quality one. This is because the percolators (the pieces that create the bubbles in the water) won’t be as advanced. The more advanced the perc, the more filtration the water provides, so high-quality bongs tend to really get that water moving.

When it comes to taste, the material of the bong also affects it, as other materials like silicone will and metal will not present as clean and clear of a taste in the smoke as glass does. 


Preserving the Quality of Cannabis

When combusting the plant material, we are burning away cannabinoids like THC that get us high as we light and inhale them. During this process, however, a lot of these cannabinoids are burnt away from heat before they are absorbed.

 And the more cannabinoids, the better the high.

So then, to preserve these cannabinoids and increase the high, the smoke must be kept as cool as possible. The incorporation of water and ice will immediately cool the smoke down as it percolates in the base of the bong, maintaining the life of as many cannabinoids as possible for the best smoking effect.

And for all of these benefits that filtration provides, perhaps the most important of all is the overall health. Because bongs filter the smoke so well, their smoke is one the cleanest and healthiest of methods for smoking cannabis out of a pipe, and this should absolutely be considered when shopping for a high-quality bong.

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