Benefits Of Sleep Dentistry

The benefits of sleep dentistry are numerous, but some of the most important to be aware of are: 

  • Comfort – Patients using sleep dentistry may fall asleep during treatment. They will not remember falling asleep or waking up afterwards. The patient can’t feel pain because they cannot move and signal distress to the dentist. 
  • Relaxation – Sleep dentistry allows patients to relax and calm down before having any work done. Patients can let their minds be relaxed for a while, which enables them to relax even if they don’t realize it. 
  • Pain reduction – Sleep dentistry is a very effective way to reduce pain. It keeps the patient from being nervous, which makes them feel less pain. 
  • Compliance – Patients who fear going to the dentist may be more likely to go when they’re sedated. 
  • No-risk – When a patient uses sleep dentistry, there is no risk of having an accident such as biting their tongue or gagging on saliva. 
  • Payment – Insurance plans typically cover sleep dentistry which makes it more attractive to patients and can make it easier for them to get the treatments they need. 
  • Cost – Sleep dentistry is less expensive than going in and out of a dental office multiple times a year. In addition, patients don’t have to pay co-pays or any other fees since they won’t be coming in for cleanings, check-ups, cavity fillings, etc.

Treatments You Can Avail With Sleep Dentistry

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to using sleep dentistry to make your dental experience as pain-free and stress-free as possible.  

Sleep dentistry can provide services such as: 

  • Cavity fillings – Many patients fear cavity fillings because they often hurt and take a long time. Sleep dentistry keeps the patient from feeling anything, so they won’t remember filling their cavity after it’s complete. 
  • Teeth cleaning – Dentists often tell patients that teeth must be cleaned every six months or else problems such as cavities will develop. This can be difficult for people who fear going to the dentist. Sleep dentistry allows patients to get their teeth cleaned without worrying or thinking about it. 
  • Crowns – Getting crowns is a major dental procedure that requires multiple appointments, but sleep dentistry can make getting them fast and easy. There’s no need for any added discomfort when you’re able to let the dentist take care of your tooth pain. 
  • Root canals – Root canals are another procedure that requires multiple appointments and can be hurtful when the dentist numbs each tooth individually. Sleep dentistry ensures that the patient won’t feel anything when getting a root canal, making it painless and easy to get done in one visit. 
  • Dental implants – Dental implants require a lot of work and pain on the patient’s part, but sleep dentistry allows patients to go through with it without any trouble. 
  • Dental surgeries – Dental surgeries require a lot from the patient, but they also make people nervous because there is often lots of pain. Sleep dentistry lets you go through with your surgery without having to worry about the pain.

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