Best 10 Hot News Websites To Stay On Top in 2018

Best 10 Hot News Websites To Stay On Top in 2018

The websites with viral content are getting more and more popular among people who want to stay tuned and be the first one to learn fresh news and follow trends. Hard to say when it all has begun, but, the truth is that now viral websites are on top of their popularity.


The word “viral” is used regarding the piece of any information that is circulated rapidly and widely on the Internet. A piece of information can be both visual and textual: articles, images (memes, for instance), videos, infographics, quizzes and so on. Precisely saying, if you make a hilarious meme, post it on your website and share it on major social media platforms, it will go viral and bring you a lot of traffic on the website.

The virality is all about stories that are made basing on traditional journalistic views but are shaped and delivered and in new and somehow strange forms.

Unfortunately, viral websites tend to copy one another, that is why it’s generally difficult to find a good source for those who thirsty for hot news and well-designed content.


We’ve done our best to create a list of the leading viral websites in 2018. Don’t wait to check it out:


1. is a new generation of virality. It’s a rapidly evolving media platform ready to offer its readers the latest hot stories and most googled news. Here you can dive into the coalescence of entertaining and useful content, appearing in various forms: from regular articles to videos and quizzes.

Nexter is one of the leaders of top trending websites, delivering hot news, telling hilarious stories and entertaining lots of people around the globe. It aims to provide a unique voice and publish content that will be shared by people of all ages, genders, and nationalities. Everything that’s popular, viral and latest is here.

If you stay with Nexter, you will enrich your knowledge of various trending topics: traveling ideas, movies, life hacks and lifestyle solutions to change your life, beauty and fashion, delicious holiday recipes, cool technologies and interesting science failures and innovations, lists of self-improving apps and online courses, hot news and sales details for gamers and top business representatives. They don’t try to be political, however, you may stumble across some news and articles connected to the political sphere, but they are shaped in an accessible form.

You think that’s it? No, there is a lot more content than you can imagine. Go beyond your understanding.

2. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed community is always welcome to check out the most recent hot stories and enjoy various quizzes on trending topics. They offer content that is relevant to our lives and accessible to any kind of audience. Top categories: News, Videos, Quizzes, Tasty, News.


3. TwistedSifter

TwistedSifter is a fast-growing viral website that aims to both and educates their audience. Top categories: Art, Travel, Nature, Architecture, Animals. They also have quite interesting sections – “Picture of the Day” and weekly Friday post of the best articles and videos.


4. PolicyMic

PolicyMic shares viral stories, covering topics from the latest news and top stories from the world, delivering the information in modern forms and rejecting the old-fashioned methods of journalism. Every story is rich in descriptions and is interesting for everybody. Top categories: Money, Food, Travel, Celebrities, Beauty.


5. PlayBuzz

PlayBuzz is one of the most popular storytelling platforms, featuring more than 150 employees from 55 countries and engaging a lot of people every day. PlayBuzz users can create a post in various untraditional forms Flipcard, Polls, Swiper, Convo, Video snap. Moreover, here content on can be published in 40+ languages. Top categories: Articles, Quizzes.


6. WittyFeed

WittyFeed is known for entertainment related news, trending and viral life stories, current news, and interesting videos. You can submit your story and influence people from every corner of the world. Top categories: Science, Technology, Travel, Life, Animals, History and many more.

7. BoredPanda

BoredPanda—here you have an opportunity to create you’re own undoubtedly amazing content and post heart-breaking or funny stories from your life. BoredPanda is not afraid to get weird and brings a new vision on daily things. Top categories: Art, Photography, Animals.


8. ViralNova

As on BoredPanda, ViralNova users can post and share funny and fascinating stories through the submission form on the Internet and find people who have experienced the same situations. Tell the story that no one will forget and will want to share among their friends. Top categories: Science, Life, Culture, Videos, Entertainment.


9. The Daily Dot

The Daily Dot is the fastest growing Web content company that specializes in Internet culture and virtual life. They are going to change the shape of the standards of modern viral story, making a new tomorrow. The categories are named creatively, for instance, in “Debug” they share the latest news on gadgets, platforms, and software.


10. LittleThings

Little Things is also one of the viral content sites targeted mostly at women (73%) of any age (18-55+) and is designed to publish and share posts and videos that will engage people on social websites. In other words, it’s a collection of well-written top stories of 2017, and before on topics women prefer reading. Top categories: Life, Food, Parenting, Pets, DIY.


Viral websites are evolving every second into something bigger than just a part of gigantic Web. It is changing the old models of journalism, influencing and engaging more readers than you can think.


Thousands of editors work hard almost every day and do their best to create original content that will drive social engagement. They are looking for new innovative ways to give voice to top news stories from modern and diverse perspectives.

Want to be on top of the daily news? Eager to learn something new and afraid to waste your time on useless things? Then choose the viral website that suits you perfectly and takes a look on its entertaining content every day, just like you take a sip of “damn good” coffee in the morning.

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