Best 5 Moonphase Watches To Buy On Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday deals are great, offering the right opportunity to buy some of the things you desire most. If you have always wanted a moon phase watch for yourself or a loved one, you are about to be introduced to the very best ones on the market.

As a brand that cares for its customers, Filippo Loreti is ready for Cyber Monday with the best deals you can’t find anywhere else in the watchmaking industry. The company is offering some of its very best moonphase watches at the best possible prices.

Why Moonphase Watches?

First of all, Moonphase watches are incredibly attractive. Even for individuals who don’t fully understand the moon phase functionality, the aesthetic appeal is captivating. Coming to functionality, a moonphase watch shows the current phase of the moon as you see it in the sky.

Just as the moon is orbiting the earth, the miniature version is displayed in an aperture on the dial, traveling through it in a manner that depicts the shape and position of the real moon in the sky. Users can track the entire phases of the moon which take 29 and a half days.

Why Filippo Loreti Moonphase Watches?

Filippo Loreti is an incredible watchmaker. The company is well-known for its array of luxury watches, manufactured under the best conditions and sold directly to customers at the best possible prices. They are not mass-produced but made according to confirmed orders from consumers.

Filippo Loreti Moonphase watches do not go through middlemen. The company takes orders from consumers and sells directly to them. This is why the watches are sold at the best possible prices. On Cyber Monday, the prices are going to be slashed significantly.

The Best Moonphase Watches on Best Deals

Are you ready to shop for the best moonphase watches from Filippo Loreti? Here are the very best ones you can buy on Cyber Monday:

Venice Moonphase Silver Blue Mesh Watch

Venice Moonphase Silver Blue Mesh Watch

Many people will find the silver-rimmed blue dial of this watch as the most wonderful thing about it, but there are several other things that make it an outstanding watch. The silver mesh band, for instance, looks solid and feels smooth and comfortable around the wrist. It also has a month wheel, as well as a date of the month wheel.

Like all Filippo Loreti watches, this watch is well made and comes with a 10-year international warranty. If you are not happy with the watch (which is almost impossible), you can always return it. Most buyers love it to the moon, and you can confirm from the reviews.

Venice Moonphase Rose Gold Blue Watch

Venice Moonphase Rose Gold Blue Watch

This is one of the most incredible leather watches you will find anywhere. It is a luxury watch that comes with no luxury markups. It has a gold-rimmed blue dial that looks incredibly attractive. It is also supported by a high-quality Italian leather strap that feels comfortable around the wrist.

Moonphase functionality maybe the standout feature of this watch, but it is not the only reason to buy. The watch is more appealing and sophisticated than what the pictures depict. You will be in awe when you get your order.

Venice Moonphase Blue Gold Mesh Watch

Venice Moonphase Blue Gold Mesh Watch

If you are one of those who love Gold Mesh watches, this is the best Moonphase watch for you. It is not very different from the first watch in this round-up. The distinguishing factor is the gold stainless steel mesh bracelet.

As an Italian-inspired design, this is a good-looking watch by all standards. The architectural artwork on the case back is so beautiful.

Venice Moonphase Chocolate Watch

Venice Moonphase Chocolate Watch

This is a chocolate delight in the form of a luxury watch. It is well-designed, just like the other watches in this list, but finished incomplete chocolate color that will appeal to the most sophisticated men. The moonphase is a prominent feature on the chocolate dial that also includes the month wheel and date of the month wheel.

Venice Moonphase Black Gold Watch

Venice Moonphase Black Gold Watch

For individuals who strongly believe that black is the most desirable color, Filippo Loreti has a Venice Moonphase watch that will appeal to them. A well-designed black watch, this particular model has a little touch of gold in the dark dial. It also features a high-quality black Italian leather strap that makes wearing it very comfortable. Alternatively, you can consider Rolex Ceillini Moonphase watches 


Filippo Loreti has the best moonphase watches under 500 in the industry. The company has an array of watches that will appeal to most watch lovers. Whether you are shopping for a personal watch or you want to buy one for someone special, you will find something wonderful here. On Cyber Monday, the prices are going to be incredibly slashed. Take advantage of the opportunity to buy affordable moonphase watches for yourself and your loved ones. 

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