Best Ad Blockers for Mac: Ad Block on Safari & Google Chrome

The more time you spend browsing the web, the more you realize how important having a solid ad blocker is. Ads can interrupt what you’re doing, often wasting your time as you resolve them in the process.

If you have a Mac, you can use a variety of free and paid ad blockers which will let you browse the web without interruption.

Keep reading to learn about some different ad blockers for Mac you can use.

Adblock Plus

One of the most widely-used ad blockers, AdBlock Plus comes in the form of a downloadable extension. You can use it on all of the most popular internet browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

AdBlock Plus is easy to install and comes with a variety of presets that should be enough to improve the average internet user’s life. It’ll help block ads, as well as social media buttons and malware.

Keep in mind that when you do block ads, the website you’re visiting does not receive revenue. To combat this, AdBlock Plus lets you whitelist certain sites. This allows them to get paid, while still blocking all other ads.


AdBlock is another popular ad blocker, available for use on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. Despite the similarity in names, AdBlock and AdBlock Plus aren’t related.

AdBlock comes with sets of filter lists. These work to block ads on all websites. Users can then add additional websites and customize preferences to further make their browsing experiences more enjoyable. The app can even block advertisements that pop up on YouTube videos.

AdBlock is easy to turn off, and can also be “paused” when necessary. Like AdBlock Plus, certain websites can also be whitelisted, allowing you to support them through ad revenue.

Poper Blocker

Although other ad blockers operate on their own, Poper Blocker works to support and strengthen other apps and extensions. It is available on Google Chrome.

Sometimes while using other ad blockers, annoying pop-ups can still sneak by and interrupt your web browsing time. Poper Blocker helps combat this, specifically targeting pop-ups, overlays, scroll and timed pop-ups, and anything else that other programs may overlook.

Poper Blocker sends you a notification when it blocks an ad, and you can also view the blocking history. But the app also works well running silently in the background.

uBlock Origin

Many ad blockers can come with complicated menus and settings. uBlock Origin works to streamline things. The app comes on Firefox, Safari, and a Chrome extension.

uBlock Origin is an ad blocker meant to block anything that wants to open up while you’re surfing the web. It features a simple yet efficient ad-blocking system and comes with a set of filters.

These stop advertisements and malware from harming your computer. You can also add custom filters to create a more specialized ad-blocking program.

If you find that using the internet on your computer can cause slowdowns, know that uBlock Origin is easier on your computer than other ad blockers. It will work as an effective ad-blocking tool, without causing memory spikes or lag.


Some programs work as stand-alone applications that require you to download them. They will then protect your computer, as well as any browser you use to search the web. AdGuard is one of these programs.

AdGuard works on Windows and Mac and also allows you to install it on your mobile devices. It can help stop you from seeing any kind of ad, but also give you deeper control than other programs.

If you’re a parent and are worried about the kind of websites your children may be using, it offers options that restrict access to adult content.

To take advantage of all its features, you’ll need to purchase an AdGuard subscription. The app does give you a free trial period to use it and see if you like it, however.

Check out this guide that explains some of the other benefits of using AdGuard as an ad blocker.


Wipr is another stand-alone program that needs to be downloaded to your computer. It works on Macs, as well as on iOS.

If you’re someone who uses Safari often, Wipr could be an excellent choice for you to purchase. For $1.99, it’ll work with Safari, as well as on any apps or programs that launch Safari.

Aside from blocking trackers and ads, Wipr also blocks more specialized issues, such as cryptocurrency miners and GDPR notices.

The app updates twice a week, but once you install it, the goal is that you don’t have to worry about configurations or any technicalities. While you’re browsing, it’ll stop anything that prevents you from doing so smoothly.

AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate is another ad-blocking extension, available on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

The app works as most others do, not letting ads through. It also works to stop malware, tracking domains, and adware. Yet AdBlocker Ultimate takes this all a step further.

The company prides itself on not having ties with any advertising companies. It doesn’t whitelist any ads, no matter who they’re from, and works to block anything that comes your way. It also has no corporate sponsorships.

Trying Using These Ad Blockers for Mac

If you find ads are plaguing your web browsing experience, continue installing one of these ad blockers for Mac. They’ll make your internet experience much more enjoyable, and allow you to do the things you need and want to do without a problem.

Do you have any other recommendations for ad blockers? Let us know in a comment below!

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