Best Affordable Methods to Make an Espresso

For most coffee lovers, the robust brewed taste of espresso makes it one of the most iconic coffee beverages in the world. Enjoying this drink anytime

For most coffee lovers, the robust brewed taste of espresso makes it one of the most iconic coffee beverages in the world. Enjoying this drink anytime and anywhere is not just a privilege but a lifestyle. While not everyone can easily access an espresso machine, it’s essential to have affordable options without compromising coffee quality.

While espresso machines can be pricey at times, especially if you are looking for feature-rich high-end top-rated manufacture, it’s always better if you have second yet good quality options. Espresso machines come in a variety, from automatic, semi-automatic, or super-automatic. All of which come with unique specialties. You can find the best super automatic espresso machine under 1000$ that comes with the most excellent features, ease of use, brewing options, specialty drinks, and capabilities to serve your espresso (or a variety of coffee drinks) any time of the day.

Not owning an espresso machine doesn’t mean you can never enjoy an espresso drink. Thankfully, there are affordable methods for every coffee connoisseur out there. The next time you crave for espresso drinks, remember this alternative yet a highly-effective option. It will not just save you effort and money but will let you enjoy an iconic drink at home.


What is an Espresso?

Espresso coffee is a pressure-brewed drink usually served in a small cup or glass of about one to two-ounce. It uses about one to two tablespoon finely grind fresh coffee beans. If it’s correctly done, the brewing method may take about 25 – 30 seconds which offers a layer rich-tasting and dark golden crema on the coffee drinks surface—the crema in espresso’s trademark.

Making a perfect espresso is considered as a work of art and science. While there are tons of espresso machines out there, not all tagged as espresso machine ‘really’ brews espresso. A real; machine crafted for espresso drinks must produce about 9 bars of Italian pump pressure or even higher. This pressure forces the right water temperature into your chosen coffee grounds and extracts the best espresso essence. 


Espresso Bean, Blend, and Roast

  • Bean – While most people believe that the type of coffee bean uses to determine if the brewed drink is espresso or not, the truth is, any bean type works with this iconic drink. Whether you use an espresso bean or a traditional coffee bean, you can certainly use both.
  • Blend – People also believed there are specific blends to make great espresso drinks. It’s a common misunderstanding that people have thought for so long, but it’s the blend that creates an espresso.
  • Roast – Espresso roast varies per region of origin. Whether you use a dark roast, light roast, or medium roast, espresso is a classic drink that varies per region and preference.


Best Cheap Methods To Brew an Espresso Like A Pro

With the inaccessibility of an espresso machine, you can still enjoy brewing your iconic espresso drinks like a pro. Here are some of the best methods used;


Moka Pot

The Moka pot maybe a teeny-tiny, handy kettle device but it indeed can produce an espresso drink. What you will need are your Moka pot, a scale or tablespoon, and your high-end preferred coffee beans. 

Step 1: Measure your coffee beans, about 20-22 grams, or two tablespoons of your preferred coffee beans. Grind it as finely as you can or possibly.

Step 2. Add 3 ½ oz of water into the bottom of your pot. Add the preferred coffee grounds in the built-in filter. Shake to let the coffee grounds settle. Secure the spouted top of your Moka pot and place your jar into the burner that is set into medium heat.

Step 3. You’ll have to wait for the pot to whistle, like those of making tea. Wait until your coffee starts to expand (foam into the upper level of your Moka pot). The water will create the needed pressure to provide concentrated coffee drinks and foam. Once the top level of the pot is full of coffee, you can now pour and enjoy. 



Using an Aeropress is one of the best methods of making espresso drinks. While texture can be different with results compared to high-end espresso machines, the caffeine and essence are entirely similar. You’ll need an AeroPress, your preferred coffee beans, grinder, and scale/tablespoon.

Step 1. Prepare the AeroPress and put the filter inside the device drain cap. You can use more than one to slow down the water flow when you press the water. 

Step 2. Lightly rinse the device filter and put the drain cap or filter inside the AeroPress compartment. Place the device on a stable mug or cup.

Step 3. Prepare two tablespoons of preferred coffee beans to grind. Finely grind the coffee beans. Place them into the press filter. Adding more grinds varies per espresso shot preference.

Step 4. Add about 3 1/2 oz of water, heat to 200°, and stir the coffee. Then press the plunger down real hard. Espresso is made with pressure, transfer the espresso, serve, and enjoy.


French Press

French Press is also a popular brewing machine you can use to make espresso drinks. A French press can be your last option but indeed can produce good espresso, though not as good as the two previous methods. You’ll need a French press device, kettle, scape/tablespoon, and your coffee beans.

Step 1. Grind about two tablespoons of coffee into a fine consistency. You will need additional coffee beans to achieve the right brew taste,

Step 2. In the kettle, heat one cup of liquid at 200 degrees. Add the grind coffee beans into the device.

Step 3. Release the coffee flavors by adding a splash of heated water. Let the coffee grounds soak for 30 seconds. Pour the remaining water into the grounds. Secure the lid and let the coffee steep for four minutes.

Step 4. Press the device plunger halfway slowly with steady pressure. Lift it and plunge the remains with the same force used. Pour, serve, and enjoy.



With these various methods of making an espresso, you can quickly and instantly enjoy your classic espresso drinks anytime. With the right skill level and practice, you can quickly learn these alternative methods of brewing espresso with the equipment in your home and enjoy a good quality espresso drink.

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