Best B2B Retailer Apps in MENAP

Even the most accomplished and experienced CEO will find it tough to run a B2B company. Numerous issues can arise during the day, ranging from acquiring new business to finances and hiring.

It can be practically impossible to keep track of everything that is going on with your business systematically and effectively. Especially if you are rushing from meeting to meeting. It is, however, easier than many people.

Believe if you know where to go for the correct mobile apps to assist you. Here is the list of the most useful B2B marketplace for retailers in the MENAP region to help you operate your B2B business more efficiently.

Best B2B retailer apps in MENAP 

Here are 7 of the best B2B retailer apps in the MENAP region that have made B2B business easy for retailers, suppliers, and wholesalers. 


Capiter is an Egyptian B2B marketplace app that connects micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). It comes with a single platform that enables shops to order a wide range of products, get delivery, and use an embedded BNPL solution all from one spot.

Along with that, the Capiter solution app also helps brands and manufacturers obtain essential insights into the markets they serve. That allows them to access real data to enhance their distribution strategies and increase efficiencies. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and machine learning.

Over 1.9 million shops are underserved in Egypt’s $100 billion markets. With only a few clicks, Capiter’s app provides them with a secure and convenient solution for their daily transactions. It also expands the reach of distributors and introduces fair pricing and transparency to the market. With a team of over 1500 workers, it currently serves over 50,000 merchants and over 1,000 sellers.


Retailo is an online b2b marketplace for retailers that allows businesses to buy merchandise for their stores daily. It is a one-stop shop for all of your needs. And also is the leading B2B business app in MENAP. This platform enables the friendly neighborhood retailer by removing inventory and cash flow concerns. Customers can choose from over 3500 SKUs from the app.

Furthermore, it also offers free 24-hour delivery the next day, making shopping straightforward and stress-free. Moreover, the app is tailored to meet the demands of shops.

Retailo is a simple to use B2B app with dynamic graphics for simplicity. You may buy grocery supplies for your shop in the most convenient way possible using the app. That’s not everything. All of the delivered goods that were broken, expired, or spoiled during transit are eligible for a free return. The b2b marketplace app is offered in four languages Arabic, English, Urdu, and Roman Urdu.


GramFactory is a B2B ordering app from India for small businesses to streamline sourcing, effectively monetize assets, and gain access to trade financing.

Small retailers are now having difficulty reaching a wide choice of FMCG brands. Some are experiencing logistical issues with product delivery, and are not always getting the optimum return on their shelf space investment.

Gramfactory app revolutionizes the retail business by utilizing a technology-enabled platform to reach a large market and brand. As well as providing credit access. You can buy thousands of things for resale at wholesale costs and in big numbers if you use the GramFactory app.

You may place an order from anywhere at any time of day and have it delivered right to your home.

GramFactory is a business app created primarily for small merchants, entrepreneurs, department stores, Kirana stores, and even remote towns and villages. Moreover, it specializes in FMCG areas such as Household Needs, Personal Care, Snacks and packaged Foods, Beverages, Cleaning and housekeeping Supplies, and Cleaning & Housekeeping Supplies.


Cartona is one of Egypt’s most popular B2B e-commerce marketplace apps. This B2B app also connects retailers with suppliers, wholesalers, and manufacturing organizations, streamlining the distribution process. Retailers can use Cartona to explore, compare, and order items, saving time, money, and effort in the process.

You can simply sign up for the Cartona app. After logging in you can browse, shop, compare, and order products with a click. Cartona works directly with Egypt’s leading FMCG brands and producers. It is because they give them capabilities that none of their other channels can match (such as deep data-driven recommendations and pre-ordering). Cartona also makes it easier for new companies to enter the market by using the quickest go-to-market method.


This Middle Eastern B2B retailer app is the first floral B2B online marketplace, opening the door to a world of magnificent, uncommon, and wonderful flowers from all over the world with a single click.

This b2b retailer platform takes pride in carefully selecting items from the top worldwide growers in Holland, Kenya, Thailand, Columbia, and China, as well as establishing relationships with flower stores, wedding and event planners, and hotels throughout the GCC and Jordan. Our flowers are cut to order, wrapped, and transported in a continuous cool chain to ensure that they arrive fresh and in perfect condition.

Floranow is at the forefront of bringing efficiency to the floral industry with just a simple app.


Sary is a deliverable B2B retailer app from Saudi Arabia. It’s a B2B marketplace app that connects small businesses with a network of wholesale market suppliers and distributors with just a click. Sary is on a mission to revolutionize the B2B wholesale market in its marketplace.

Furthermore, it empowers small businesses to seamlessly procure supplies by understanding future consumption. Moreover, it is also streamlining purchasing processes, gaining access to bargaining prices. And also achieving semi-autonomous fulfillment.

With the Sary app, you can sign up and manage a grocery store, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a hotel, a company office, a government institution, or any other type of facility. Furthermore, you may order from the wholesale market directly from suppliers and distributors using the application.


MaxAB is a business-to-business e-commerce app from Egypt that connects food and grocery stores with suppliers in low-income areas. This app uses enabling technologies and innovative supply chains to re-engineer the informal grocery and food market to meet the needs of retailers in the places we serve.

The platform is on a mission to empower retailers by providing them with a diverse product offering, superior service, and operational assistance. Our technology-enabled supply chain ensures that the right amount of food is delivered to the right location at the right time.

MaxAB’s app consolidates supply chains to give retailers the greatest prices. Furthermore, the software delivers to small stores and shops in underserved areas 24 hours a day. It also gives both supplier’s and retailers price insight via the app! Furthermore, maxAB offers a variety of payment options as well as a digital wallet!


The future of marketing is fast-paced, ever-changing, and a source of fascination for both B2B and B2C retail marketers. The companies that develop the strongest connection to the market and produce the most relevant products are the B2B retail marketing winners. B2B enterprises that do not adjust their marketing will perish.

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