Best Business Ideas to Make Money in 2021

Background of Status of Businesses in the Pandemic:

Running a business, let alone starting a new one in 2021 comes with its own sets of challenges. These challenges are mainly due to the pandemic that has changed the way businesses operate and function.

While a lot of businesses went bankrupt or barely stayed afloat, a few creative minds came up with business ideas that have the potential to succeed in this pandemic year of 2021. The key element to keep in mind is to structure your business today, with online tech systems that can best benefit your business and help your customers.

For example, if you were running a business of legal translation services in Dubai, you can still do that, but the only change you have to make is to your client and day-to-day dealings online.

Similarly, there are a lot of business ideas that you can try out and make money in the year 2021. We have listed down a few for you, right here:

Business Ideas to Make Money in 2021:

Online Book-keeping:

Bookkeeping is an easy task that is usually done on computers. A lot of freelancers are offering these services to businesses on Fiverr and Upwork. The best thing about online bookkeeping and accounting services is that they can be done at flexible hours and with user-friendly software.

There are a lot of easy-to-use accounting and book-keeping software that you can use for these services as well. A bookkeeper usually gets paid by the hour or as a one-time payment for a particular project. It depends on the hiring firm what package they are offering to the bookkeeper.

A lot of firms outsourced their book-keeping and accounting services during the pandemic which made it affordable for them as well.

Virtual Call Centers:

You can run a virtual call center. There are so many call centers that were working in similar capacities in a pandemic as they were before. The reason why this business survived the pandemic is that you can be a call center operator and work from home. It does not matter, where you are doing your job from.

The best thing about virtual call centers is you can employ college kids easily and create job opportunities in this pandemic where everyone is struggling to survive.


Affiliate marketing refers to a digital marketing service that has become popular in the year 2020. This refers to marketers and different platforms promoting your products and services by charging you a small fee.

Amazon is very popular for its affiliate marketing services, the same goes for Google and other platforms as well. Affiliate marketing works with photo and video content, sometimes blogging to market products in just the right way. Many times it means using a combination of all marketing elements.

You can therefore extend your services in affiliate marketing. A lot of digital marketers are offering different marketing packages to their clients at a good price. And given that the demand for online businesses has increased, the same goes for online marketing and advertisement.

1- Digital Marketer:

Since a lot of businesses are now operating online and targeting their customers online, the need for digital marketers is on the rise. On the one hand, you can offer services on one element of digital marketing, or you can devise strategies and entire digital marketing campaigns for corporations.

A digital marketing campaign includes taking care of social media campaigns, websites, marketing, and advertising strategies, etc. This also involves using marketing elements like SEO, SEM, PPC, etc

While the word Digital marketer sounds small, the job and task elements in this are so vast, that they have become an industry of their own. For example, you will find a content marketer focusing on making content for a brand, etc.

Translation Services:

Since a lot of businesses went online, translation service is another sector that worked well during the pandemic. So this is something you can look into starting as well. You can start a legal translation services business in Dubai and yet extend your services to international clients because that is literally what you do.

Another element you need to keep in mind is that since a lot of customers and businesses went to an online platform, the target market extended itself and went beyond the geographical boundaries. This is why we see today that a lot of websites are available in a different language because the customer reach has expanded now.

2- Podcasting

There was a time when radio was a thing, however today we have a modern version of it which is called, ‘podcasting’.

So if you have strong opinions and vast information on a few topics, you can start your podcast channel and if it gains a certain amount of listeners, you can start making money off of it.

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