Best Challenge Coin Design Businesses Are Using

Having the right challenge coin design determines how responsive employees are to it. Whether you have travel, health, or entertainment, rewards are needed.

Did you know that 80% of US employees feel stressed at work and that only 30% feel engaged or inspired by their careers?

Understanding your workplace and employees is essential for creating a more productive working environment.

If you want to boost morale and improve your business then you might want to consider introducing a reward system, such as challenge coins. Keep reading to learn more about what challenge coins are and the best way to create a challenge coin design.

What Is a Challenge Coin?

Challenge coins are the first thing you might think of to help with morale in your business. Perhaps because you’re still wondering “What are challenge coins?”

Challenge coins are special coins that you can use to award people for their achievements. This is why they are great for boosting morale in workplaces.

Challenge coins are metal coins that can come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. You can create your custom coin designs so that they incorporate your logo and brand.

They are most commonly used to show achievement, but they can also be used to gift someone on a special occasion or to show membership (for example, in the military or emergency services). They can also be used as a luxury business card, or even as a loyalty incentive for your customers and clients.

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Challenge Coins: How to Create Custom Coins

Before you start drafting up ideas for your challenge coin display, there are several factors you need to consider. A challenge coin consists of much more than just your business’s logo.

You need to think about the plating, size, shape, what you want the coin to reflect, and what it means to the people you give it to. If you’re looking for some guidance, follow our steps for designing an incredible coin display.

1- Think About the Coin’s Purpose

Consider what the coin is signifying and what its purpose is. For example, the coin might be used in your business to show achievement or excellence. The way you design the coin will depend on its role and purpose.

2- Draft Some Ideas

Once you understand what you want from your coin, it’s time to start drafting up some ideas. Creating some simple sketches and collecting all the relevant information you need is essential for getting your designs right. Think about the imagery you want to use, the colors and text you want to add, and the size and shape of the coin.

The standard size of a challenge coin is 1.75″ in diameter, with larger coins such as 2″ in diameter often being used for Commander coins and bottle openers. The traditional shape of challenge coins is round, however, you can create your unique shape if it better reflects your coin’s purpose.

3- Draw Your Favorite Design to Scale

Decide which design you like best. If you’re using the coins for workplace morale, you might ask your employees to vote for their favorite designs.

Then once you have picked the right design, draw it to scale. This will help the company you choose to understand more about what you want from your coin design.

It will also help them to assist you with any details that you aren’t sure about. For example, you might not be too sure about the shape or the stand finish of your coin and the experts will be able to discuss your coin options.

4- Choose the Right Plating

There are a variety of plating options to choose from, including gold, silver, polished, and antiqued. The choice of your plating is very important because it is the canvas of your whole design. The plating of the coin sets the tone and the visual of the whole design.

5- Find a Company Who Specialize in Challenge Coins

Do some research into the many companies that offer challenge coins and find out what they can produce, how much they cost, and what their customers say about them.

Remember that you want to find a company that can bring your ideas to life and make your challenge coins memorable and beautiful. So don’t just use the first company you stumble across online, put in some time and do your research.

6- Contact the Company Early

Planning can help you avoid disappointment, especially if you want to have the challenge coins for a set date. If you are launching a marketing campaign or want to introduce them to your workplace for a certain date, then mention it to the company. Some companies might offer express options.

The sooner you contact the company with your challenge coin ideas and designs, the sooner you can start creating special customizable coins.

Whichever company you go with will provide you with the essentials that you need to send to them and will ask if you have any special requests. Make sure you clearly state what you want, so they can get a better understanding and can offer extra assistance or support for your design.

Once they’ve created your challenge coins, you are free to use the coins however you see fit. Whether that is boosting morale in your workplace or if you want to give them to loyal customers.

Start Creating Your Challenge Coin Design

Now that you know a little more about challenge coins and how to start your challenge coin design, you should start drafting up some ideas.

You might even want to run a competition in your workplace for your employees to get involved and come up with the best challenge coin design. What better way to start boosting your business’s morale than healthy competition?

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