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Recently, the Los Angeles Lakers are trying to defend the honor of legendary teams, and the Boston Celtics also play quite well. The best one among betting companies 1xBet provides its users with favorable betting conditions, bonuses and gifts; it can also help you to follow the performances of your favorite teams.

The New York Knicks firmly established itself at the bottom of the tournament table, plus the San Antonio Spurs are experiencing not the best times. The team is not in the playoffs zone. This placement is very frustrating to the fans. Many interesting, popular sports for betting, as well as not the most common sports, including beach volleyball, can be found at

It seems that soon the San Antonio Spurs will expect dramatic changes, because together with Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manuel Ginobili an entire era has gone, of which only the ageless coach Gregg Popovich has remained.


Today, the best players on the team are:

  1. Demar Derozan – the player’s transfer to the Spurs has negatively affected his career, but considering possible restructuring, most contender teams will gladly accept the player.
  2. Lamarcus Aldridge – the forward is interesting for the Dallas Mavericks and the Phoenix These teams are not entirely part of his plans, but leaving San Antonio is still a priority for the player over the past few years.
  3. Patty Mills – the Australian is already aged and spends a little time on the floor, but can still strengthen any team from the bench.

Others are noticeable only in occasionally, so it is impossible to call them full-fledged participants in the basic lineup. Among numerous betting companies, 1xBet is considered the best one, always providing favorable offers and bonuses to its customers. It is worth taking all the advantages of the company, as well as try numerous entertainments available here.


Basketball betting online together with 1xBet bookmaker

The unsuccessful performance of the San Antonio Spurs was especially evident in the Texas derby against the Houston Rockets. The basketball betting online on such matches is really unpredictable, which many cappers already managed to note. The Spurs’ game was for almost the entire match, but they still lost 25 points of advantage. Russell Westbrook (31 points + 10 rebounds) and James Harden (28 + 8 and 7 assists) were especially effective in their game for the Houston Rockets.


So far, the situation of San Antonio is pretty bad, and soon the team may start to clean the roster. Online basketball betting is not always predictable, and even the strongest teams can lose to the outsiders. Until the end of the season, there are still enough matches to define all highlights of the league, especially in the battle for getting into the playoffs.

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