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If you are dreaming about joining in top Business schools, then the word that banging in your head will be GMAT.  The computer adaptive test that aims to assess the writing, reading, analytical, quantitative and verbal skills in English, can be used for the admissions in many graduate management programs, such as Master of Business Administration. The scores being accepted internationally, the popularity of this exam is very high. Academic success can be predicted in a better way than the grade point average system with respect to a particular business curriculum. As more than 1600 B-schools require this score for their admission, preparing for GMAT is very important.

Many representatives from the famous universities began the Graduate Management Admission Council to develop a standardized test. The Business schools used to select the candidates who had cleared that test. Although initially used by 54 schools, now the same is used by more than 7000 programs around the world. The exam consists of four sections- verbal, quantitative, integrated reasoning and analytical writing assessment and has no pre-assigned syllabus. The 3 hours 7 minutes’ test comprises of 80 questions.

The highlights of GMAT

  • The time limit is allotted section-wise and varies for different sections.
  • The candidates can choose the order from three options (for the 4 sections) in which they are going to attempt the exam
  • Multiple choice questions are provided for integrated reasoning as well as verbal reasoning. They are computer-adaptive too.
  • In these two sections once answered a question no correction choices are available and one can’t skip a question.
  • The Gmat is overall scored in the range of 200-800
  • You will get a 99 percentile score if you score a760+
  • There will be a total of 91 questions with no negative marking.
  • The analytical reasoning consists of an essay question

There are many coaching centers for GMAT in India and the best GMAT coaching in Delhi is where the students prefer.

The preparation methods

From person to person the preparation methods may vary, but understanding the basic route to success will definitely do well. We can segregate the preparation into three stages.

Understanding the fundamentals:

Try to go through the test structure and the topics of the test. Keep an eye on the exam guidelines and computer-based testing. Then set some examples from the previous toppers, just to identify the common test pitfalls and resources.

Try to set your own targets

No one else can understand you in better ways. You only can identify your strong areas and weaker points. One can take practice tests and can gauge them with the other competitors. By setting personal goals you can motivate yourself and they will keep you on a track.

Set the perfect learning environment

A dedicated study of 2-6 months for the GMAT will give you fruitful results. If one cannot find themselves comfortable in specific areas of the test they can seek the help of the resources. Many online and offline coaching centers are available. Centers for GMAT coaching in Delhi are experts in the field.

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