Best Colors For A Wristwatch

Wristwatches have minimal colors as options. Even if they have many options in colors, they are challenging to match with the clothes one wears. There are specific colors though, that will look good on any outfit, and you would find most of the watches in such color schemes. The popular colors one would find in wristwatches are silver and gold; they are classic colors.

Gold and silver were used predominantly in analog watches historically, and these colors are now limited to higher-end wristwatches. Other colors one can find in the market are white, black, and brown. Luminox watch is one such watch that can be found in the market in black and white colors. When it comes to the best colors for a wristwatch, there are none other than the ones that have already been mentioned in the paragraph. Let’s discuss each color briefly.


Silver is a classic color in wristwatches. The coating of silver on wristwatches gives it a royal and luxurious tone, and it is a perfect color for matching it with your formal clothes. The history of the color silver in wristwatches is a profound one, back in the day when pocket watches were a fashion, the only affordable element was silver because the use of iron would make it susceptible to corrosion and gold was simply expensive. Silver will look fabulous with black, blue, and grey shades.


There is a difference between a gold-colored watch and a golden watch. The former has a coating of gold color and the latter is made out of the expensive material, which is gold. As mentioned just now, gold is a costly material or element, and buying a golden watch will be heavy. Owning a golden watch is like owning a piece of jewelry and because of that, the color gold on a wristwatch will never go out of fashion. Gold-colored wristwatches will also go perfectly with formal clothes.


Black is the most common color in modern wristwatches. When digital watches came into fashion black was the prominent shade in which most of them were available. Now, the color black is everywhere and is one of the only two colors – the other being white – that can go with any color.

However, black in wristwatches does not mean that it will rock every appearance; rather, if the design and material are crafted so that it complements the color black and vice versa then you have a wristwatch that will go with everything.


White as a color is just like black and can be elegant if used correctly. An all-white colored watch will look weird and will highlight itself very much. It will outdo every other part of the overall look. That is why it is best if the white color is used as the color of the face of a watch. That way it will be consistent with the overall design of the watch and style.

Silver, Gold, Black, and White are some major colors that you will find as a sole color or in combination on wristwatches. One other color is navy which is being employed heavily in the fashion industry.

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