Best FM Radio Apps to Experience Your Favorite Music

In the world of music streaming everything is for the taking. Almost the entire history of music and audio entertainment is at our fingertips and long gone are the days when you had to turn on the radio hoping your favorite song would come up. Although this is incredibly convenient, it did sort of diminish the joy of expectation. That moment when you’re driving in a car or you’re in your room and suddenly that favorite song starts.

So it’s not much of a wonder that although we live in the world of apps, there’s still a high demand for classic radio. For all of you who still enjoy listening to radio stations, we decided to make it easier to find what you want without excluding that feeling of excitement. We dug deep to find the best FM radio apps depending on the music genre you enjoy, so here we go.

Radio Paradise – From Rock to Classical Music and Back

This app is a part of an independent radio station run by a couple who are big music fans. If you enjoy listening to anything from early 60s rock to the latest singles, this app will fulfill all your needs. All you have to do is turn on the app and you can expect to be surprised by a song you know and love and also something new that will get your attention.

The music library is truly fascinating and besides many rock genres, you’ll occasionally also get quality pop and even famous classical music pieces. The app is simple and has all the necessary features like listening with the screen turned off, bookmarking songs you like, and skipping if it happens you’re just not into what’s currently playing.

As far as cons of the app go, there aren’t many. One thing that’s not a flaw is that this app will not be for people who are in the latest mainstream R’n’B or rap music. Like any good radio app, this one is made for people who enjoy a specific type of music and the app manages to cover a lot of different genres and still maintain that specific touch. So, if you’re into quality rock, pop, and even a bit of electronic music, you’ll like this one.

Free Rap Radio – Latest Hip Hop Hits

For fans of trip-hop and also old-school rap like the 80s and 90s rap, you’ll be glad to hear there’s a radio for you as well. And how couldn’t there be? The entire hip-hop scene has sky-rocketed and experienced a sort of revival in the past decade. Unlike the first app, this isn’t a single radio, but it’s a fantastic collection of some of the best hip-hop, rap, and R’n’B stations in a single place.

The app is simple in its design so it’s easy to either find or switch between stations whenever you feel like it. The overall selection of songs across all the stations is great quality and you won’t have to worry about low-quality audio or nuisances that could ruin the experience.

Same as with the previous one, there’s not much to criticize. The app does what it’s supposed to do and that’s to bring to the listeners what they want to hear. As the first one isn’t that much for hip-hop fans, this one isn’t for rock, and metal fans, although we are sure some people enjoy both genres the same. If you’re one of those people, then trying out both apps is the way to go.

The Gospel Radio – Spiritual Music for the Heart & Mind

Although we didn’t originally plan to include this one, we think it’s a shame this genre often gets ignored when talking about music apps since it might not be what a lot of teenagers are listening to. But the gospel music community is alive and kicking so it’s only fair we included an app like this.

While searching for a proper gospel radio app, we found a site that lists specifically the top 10 gospel radio apps. We were surprised there’s a specific list like this and if you’re a true fan of gospel music, you might want to check it later.

The reason we decided to go with The Gospel Radio is that it offers an amazing collection of gospel music without a need for any subscription. The sound is clear as you would expect and you can hear anything from old songs ranging back to the early 20th century to gospel music that might have just come out a couple of days ago.

If you’re a fan of listening to the gospel in your car, the app has a feature to instantly connect either to your Android Auto or Car Play, depending on if you’re using iOS or Android. For anyone who needs some positive music to lift them, the choice is simple.


To wrap it all up, we know we missed some genres, but these are the top apps we were able to find for some classic yet modern radio experience. If there’s a specific genre you feel we missed out on, feel free to let us know, and maybe even suggest a great radio app if you know one.

The only thing left to say is to keep enjoying music, no matter if it’s radio or streaming since music is what makes the day better, no matter if it’s sunny or rainy. Happy listening!

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